Gundam: Aile Striker, Skygrasper, & Flightscope 001


The Aile Striker and Skygrasper. Outside pics have stand removed.

     The first time I took a Gundam with me mountain hiking it was the RX 79(G). Which was pretty easy to take considering how tiny it was. I was lucky enough to get a good shot with it. 

     This time around I brought the Aile Striker and Skygrasper with me and I wanted to try capturing both in flight. With the 79G there was no problem since it’s basically a ground unit. With The Striker and Skygrasper it was tougher to get in place for a shot that featured a good background that showed flight. But I did manage to get some shots of both in flight and snap a few test shots that I want to save later for a Gundam model project.



The Skygrasper lightbox test shot.

     With the Skygrasper I decided to do a test shot using a lightbox and methods I found online that other people have used getting great results. Super Rats over at Happy Soda has a few good tutorials about shooting figures and I took a few of his lighting techniques,  rsnumber2’s lightbox tutorial at Goufy Shumi , and phamolous’s position tutorial, to produce the shot above. I like how it turned out. This is the best picture in terms of detail that I got with the Skygrasper, but I want to try to perfect it more.

     The Skygrasper has to be one of my favorite aircrafts from the Gundam series and is only second to my Macross YF-19 fighter. It’s pretty light but really sturdy. You can do barrel roles with it and nothing falls off even with that gigantic flight system connected to it’s back.


The Skygrasper hovering over Shenandoah Valley.  Both stands removed.

skygrasperattackmode6f.jpg skygrasperoutsideagain.jpg

The stand the Skygrasper is on is outstanding!           Skygrasper attack mode. 

     I was meaning to take some shots a few weeks ago with the Skygrasper but the stand that it came with isn’t really that great. It’s good for the Aile Striker and PG Strike, but you’re really limited on what you can do with the Skygrasper given it’s huge wingspan. I decided to order the 6 inch FlexiDisplay from Big Bad Toystore, both are fantastic! I also received the SHCM RX 78 from Big Bad and just waiting for the weather to clear up in D.C. for pics at the capitol.


Skygrasper lifting off from Terra Firma. Last shot taken on the mountain and the hardest! I used both stands and a really long rod with a clamp for the shot and airbrushed out the stands.

     I really like the figher but one thing I found to be really annoying was the top wings connections to the main unit. It’s flimsy and at one point the connector broke off and I had to glue it back on. You really have to becareful with those two top wings and I don’t think I’ll be removing them at any point from the unit.

      The Skygrasper has got a lot of stickers and detail added to it that I really like, kind of reminds me of the details on the Gundam Fix Figuration Figures.  I’m hoping Gundam 00 has got an attack fighter in store for us this October.

Aile Striker w/PG Strike


Aile Striker lifting off. Along with removing the stand I also tried using a flash since the sun was in the back. I used the rod and clamp once again on it’s right leg and removed both stands and a small cliff.

     Adding the Aile Striker to the PG is a great enhancement to the model. I think it looks much better with the pack than without. Although you can’t really see the system from the front the wings are clearly visible. With the Aile Striker I had a difficult time getting the pics this time around since the PG is so huge! I used a flash this time around and got a couple of good shots.


Gundam Aile Striker blasting off (after Hi-v pose). I left the stand since I really like how it looks on the ground.

anailestrikerjump2b.jpg agundamailestrikerblur1a.jpg

                 Landing to attack.                     Mountain mistake turned into motion blur.


Aile Striker prepares for lift off. This was the easiest shot to get, I only used one stand as you can see here from a lower perspective.

     The PG Strike was my first Gundam model and my favorite so doing this post was another chance to showcase it once more a bit with the addition of the Aile Striker and the Skygrasper.


Dark Capture over Rain Clouds. Gundam stand removed.

 ailestrikertripspot2b.jpg     ailestrikerkicktest4d.jpg

                    Gundam Spotlights.                          Test Prepartion shot.

      My only regret is not painting it which leads me to my next project, getting the PG Strike Rouge and doing a custom paint job on it.  All in all, my favorite Gundam model. 



Gundam Flightscope 001: Skygrasper & Aile Striker

     A video featuring both the Skygrasper and Aile Striker testing some of the effects on Windows Movie Maker and Adobe Photoshop CS3.  I really like CS3, there’s so much you can do with it.


21 thoughts on “Gundam: Aile Striker, Skygrasper, & Flightscope 001

  1. the photos are amazing. i think you should go for PG Strike Rouge. Cant wait for your photo session with both PG strike and strike rouge. ^_^

  2. GREAT PHOTOS!!! Those really are some great shots! Thanks for the send up, but that’s all Gamera Baerne. He really showed me how to do it. Those lightboxes are pretty handy. I keep adding taking more shots, and practicing with them. It’s great to be able to combine two wonderful hobbies, photography and Gundam. Again, great shots!

  3. At this point I’m even more tempted to take the plunge into the Perfect Grade Mechas. Your Gundams look pretty awesome with the skyline background. I need to go outside with my cam and Gundam!

    I’ve stuck to High Grades since I was introduced to Gundam a few years ago, but after seeing a lot of people’s Master and Perfect Grades, including yours, I’m craving for one of them.

  4. @ Lanie-Emon= Thanks. I only regret not painting it, which I will rectify with my next model.

    @ Jana= Yes that’s from Gundam Seed, the song is called Meteor.

    @ Yasseranas= I don’t know, I’m having 2nd thoughts. After seeing that Freedom MG at your site, I’m definitely leaning towards the Freedom. Custom painted or not I haven’t decided yet.

    @ John USC= I originally tried to place them both in that pic without altering their appearance but it didn’t look right, but it turned out pretty good in the end.

    @ David =No problem. It helped a lot! And that pic is one of my favorites as well. Still need to work on it more to perfect it.

    @ Punk Girl =Thanks! I’m still learning the animation on CS3, but I’m getting there.

    @Rsnumber2= Thanks a lot! To that tutorial, I think I need to look for a place that carries gigantic construction paper for the shots I want to take. It worked for the Skygrasper because it was small, but the PG is so big!

    @V= Thanks! If I understand your question correctly, basically all the shots in the post, excluding the composite and the “skygrasper in attack mode, are live shots. I used Adobe Photoshop CS3 to remove the three stands and/or any obstacles or small cliffs.

    @NY Ranger =I should’ve started out with the HG’s but I went full on and got my first model which was the PG strike.
    You won’t regret making a MG and especially a PG, you just need a lot of patience, but it’s worth it in the end.

  5. Rad pics of the Gundam! I’ve taken a figure to the bay for pics a few times but my camera’s really cheap and it doesn’t come out real good.

    Maybe I’ll borrow my dad’s camera and post some! Good tutorials you posted. I’ve been to Happy Soda a few times I might try out some of his techniques.

  6. Actually, you may be able to buy a large peice of fabric, and use it as your background. That’s what most studio photographers do. But you may need a refrigerator sized box for some of your more advanced shots… ; )

  7. Gundams have come along way since I built them when I was in highschool! I haven’t built one since. Looks like I need to catch up!

  8. Nice backdrop for the pictures, natural lighting is still the best source of light for photography. Love the sky :).

    Great job on the video too. Didn’t know Windows Movie Maker can do things like that.

  9. @Cali-San=Soda’s the best w/figures. I’m hoping to do some shots with the SHCM Gundam using more of his techinques, we’ll see.

    @Rsnumber2=comment about “refrigerator sized box” Lol. That’s what I’m going to have to do! I’m always going to try for outside pics but it would be nice to get a setup like you had with the RX178.

    @Dendric=They have indeed! Don’t be like me though and start your first modeling experience ever with a PG! Start out small like a HG or an MG.

    @Xenohawk=Thanks and Windows Movie Maker surprised me since I got this past summer with my laptop. Still experimenting with it with Adobe Photo CS3.

    @Toji=Thanks. Hopefully the Freedom MG will turn out similar.

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  11. Great pictures, and what a alsome Gundam.

    I ordered my skygrasper and Alie Striker today and cant wait till they get here.

  12. Hello
    its sooo awesome!!!
    Damn! How do you get those money?
    I really want a pg myself,,but 4 a mg,i need a full year saving money!it could be worse…
    Please help me!!

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