Gunpla Mod: MG Strike Enforcer


MG Strike Enforcer over Shenandoah Valley. I like this picture because of the valley and the fog below that was giving off a bluish kind of tint that really added to the pic. Later on the fog crept up on the mountain rather quickly as you’ll see later.  

     I’ve seen a lot of modded Gundams online, including recently here and here, and didn’t really think about modding a Gundam since I’m fairly new to Gunpla. Earlier last month a new friend sent me an MG Strike Gundam as a thank you gift. Rather than return it, which would be very costly considering where it came from(and rude) I kept it and decided to color custom mod it.

    I’m very satisfied with how it came out and learned a lot from a lot of people about color design and spray paints. I took the Enforcer with me recently but ran into some obstacles in posting the Model, which includes getting a new job farther north and the expiration of my trial version of Photoshop CS3(no!!!!!). But at long last here it is…



Test Pic of the Gundam before Top Coat and finishes. The actual finished color is a bit darker.

     The MG Strike Enforcer is made up of the MG Strike Freedom body and water slide decals for the MG Freedom. After using the water decals I’m swearing not to use any other decals but them. They just look fantastic and most look like they’re painted on the kit.

     I picked Red, Black, and Gunmetal Grey for the body since I’ve always wanted a Red Gundam/Zaku but none have yet to appeal to me….yet.

My favorite pic out of the bunch and the only one that I used CS3 with.

Another take of the Dragoons deployed this time I set the whole stand on top of some rocks. With the cover post pic I used a small table that a landscape artist had brought up with her. 


The waterfall nearby was pretty dark when I got there so I pumped up the iso. To make it more salvageable I used some effects from the Gimp software to decrease a bit of the grain.   (Edit Sept.23, Reprocessed the pic and took Gimp effects out)

Another test shot of the Strike Enforcer. I’m getting into the hang of things when it comes to indoor shooting, but I’m still lacking in that department. I need to find sometime to sit down and actually study through some people’s techniques on figures and Gundams.  

      Once again I used model master’s topcoat and tamiya spray paint cans like I did with the Strike Freedom. I think in the future I may be looking to get an airbrush but Tamiya spray paints are more than sufficient for what I want to do with my kits. What I really need to buy is one of these!

     I really enjoyed color modding the Strike Freedom, which is on the fast track to being my favorite Mecha.  After modding the Strike I’d really like to take a crack at doing a different Gundam with similar colors.


Enforcer taking off. I think the Strike Freedom especially the MG looks better without the dragoons. Stand removed using Gimp.

Enforcer with Beam Rifle Extension. The fog from the cover post pic makes it’s appearance.

Heavily armed Strike Enforcer scouting Shenandoah Valley.


Alternate angle #2 Dragoons deployed.



35 thoughts on “Gunpla Mod: MG Strike Enforcer

  1. Awesome job mate. Enforcer does exude a different vibe from Freedom. Like a ‘dark side’ version ^^. Looks more menacing, I reckon. Kinda remind me of Weltall from the Xenogears game (its normal / scarlet version).

    • Weltall id? Probably, Destiny gundam extreme burst mode with this crimson red color will looks more like the weltall id

  2. Hello I happened on your website, and like yourself I’m a fellow Gundam modeler. I really like what you’ve done with the kit and the background you chose for it.

    Some years ago when I flew to the east coast,I hiked along parts of the Shenandoah National Park. It was an exhausting but exciting trek with some spectacular panoramas. I should have brought a Gundam with me.

  3. @Rsnumber2=Thanks! Sinister was what I going for so it worked out.

    @Righteously Insane=I had guts and an extra Strike Freedom so I decided what the heck. I’ll probably do another mod in the future, don’t know what yet.

    @Lanie-emon=Thank you. I’ve never played Xenogears but looked it up after your comment, you’re right there’s a bit of similarity there.

    @Shinjiro Toida=I really like the pics w/the Dragoons too, earlier I was trying to figure out how to do it with a night sky…maybe next time.

    @Belela-San=Thanks! I used Tamiya Spray Paint Cans. They’re sufficient enough for what I’m doing and I really like the colors Tamiya offer.

    @Ken Meiying=I’ve been hiking off and on along Shenandoah since last year and I always see something new. It’s a great experience.

    @Dunkirk=Thanks you. It’s by T.M. Revolution. I don’t think it was used as an opening, however it was used in Gundam Seed when Kira and Flay get it on.

    @John=Thanks. I may post more pics of the extended rifle later.

  4. Cool pics! The decals look great on enforcer especially the ones on the wings. Water decals are a good purchase for Gundams, but I find rub-on decals just as good when Bandai provides it.

  5. It’s a good thing that the fog didn’t creep up on us last time we went on the mountain. It looks pretty thick. The paint color you used for the gundam kind of looks like the color of my dad’s car. Good work!

  6. The Enforcer looks spectacular with those backgrounds adding more to it.

    Someone on Figurefm said it looks like something that Char would pilot if he was in the Cosmic Century, I agree.

    Speaking of which, that particular shade of red you used would work great with an MG Sazabi.

  7. Strike Freedom + Red = a perfect combination. I too have to agree with the notion that if Char were in the Cosmic Era, this would be his MS of choice! ^_^

    i don’t know if you have seen this :

    MSN-06S Shinange

  8. Man thats beautiful. The red looks fantastic. I’ve always been a fan of color schemes like that. Looks very clean man, keep up the good modeling!

  9. Even though it’s a bit dark, I like the top pic. I commend you on your work, the “strike enforcer”.
    I’ve never really had the chance to shoot any of my kit’s outside, however if I lived where you do it wouldn’t be a question.

  10. Currently at Chesapeake Bay(a high possibility for a new location for pics) looking for a new home for my new job in Maryland. I noticed there was a tremendous spike in traffic thanks in part to, Otaku Surf cracked the WordPress’s top 100 for the 3rd time.

    @Ryan G.=Thanks. I’m going to miss hiking those mountains and getting some great pics, on the other hand sailing and fishing is good trade off.

    @Super Striker=I really prefer water slide decals most of them look as if they’re painted on.

    @Danny Choo=Thank you for the comments and the plug! Hope you have as much success with the Wing as I did with the Strike.

    @Allison=Well the day started the same way, until I started to see the fog in the distance. I used my flashlight at one point coming down the mountain.

    @Samejima=Thanks. You’re right after looking at the mecha there’s some similarity.

    @The Regault Brothers=I really didn’t think of Char when I was designing the Enforcer, but I could see why people would think that. As for the Sazabi, it’s either going to be that or the Crossbone which I’ll work on next.

    @Yasser annas=Thank you! I’ve seen the mecha before…wouldn’t it be awesome if that was an MG. Again shares some color similarities with my mod. I probably would’ve taken some of the designs from it if I had remembered it.

    @Phamalous= lol Thanks man. Well, outside shots in the mountain range is done for now, but that’s not to say outside shots somwhere else is over…like say near an ocean.

    @Cali-san=Yes all of the pics are during the morning except the pic titled “my favorite pic…” taken in the afternoon, in my opinion the easiest time out of the 2 to shoot. Can’t wait to see your pics.

    @Kintaro23=Thank you! I’m interested in seeing your finished Crossbone Gundam hopefully in the near future. It’s also a Gundam I’m thinking about building next.

    @Masayuki Takebe= Thanks! The pic you mention: I’m really, really hesitant in using a flash because when I do, at times it looks a bit fake. I may however use Gimp to brighten it up a bit.

  11. Whoa! Your mod looks great! I may one day do a mod but I’m still in the beginner’s stage doing my 1st plastic kit with mg ez-8.

  12. @Alafista= Thanks, I’m still learning a lot but appreciate it nonetheless!

    @CMWilly=Thank you. Probably should’ve taken more outside, but I like them as well.

    @NY Ranger=Good luck with the kit. I’m probably going the HCM route with the EZ8.

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  14. waw! i have an strike freedom.. 1/100 but ng an MG.. its also like this but all the red parts are black…
    and the red parts in the dragoon are red

    your strike freedom looks sizzling hot! and mines like an.. i don’t know… its black.. so wat to say?

  15. Hi,

    Sorry for the late reply. I painted the Extreme Burst MG Strike Freedom using Tamiya spray paint cans, with the main color using Mica Red.

    And used a testor acrylic finish, which I was told later may actually damage the paint. Thankfully, it didn’t!

    It’s not for sale, but if I decide to put it up, I’ll tell you. Thanks for the interest though!

  16. i guess im a bit late to comment on the kit but i just stumbled on this page while i was looking for a way to make custom wings of light effects for my mg strike freedom i just finished.

    i love the color scheme behind your kit and the funny thing is, its the same scheme of colors i used but backwards haha. anyways i really like your kit and the pictures you took fit it very well. since its one thing to take pictures and another to take pictures and represent them artistically. its almost as if you can pin a story behind each picture and i think thats a great trait to have in the pictures taken.

  17. Well, I’m glad that this post is still getting some attention after some time!

    Thank you for the comments! The pictures were from the very first year I started taking shots and I really tried to differentiate my stuff from others in the way that I took pictures as well as painted Gundam. So it’s great to get some recognition from my first attempts after all these years.

    Thanks again!

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