The High Grade FX-78 Full Armor Gundam from Gundam: Thunderbolt.

A while ago when I first saw the design for the FX-78 Full Armor Gundam from the Thunderbolt series I didn’t really think anything of it and thought it kind of looked a bit dumb with too many shields.

Recently, I was really impressed by the High Grade Zaku I kit from Thunderbolt and thought I would give the anime show a shot. I absolutely love the  anime show and with it I got a real appreciation for the design of FX-78, and of course it’s pilot who seems more the villain when compared to the other characters.

Suffice it to say, I purchased the HG kit of the Full Armor Gundam and I’m glad I did.


The High Grade FX-78 Full Armor Gundam from Gundam: Thunderbolt. Some heavy duty weapons the Gundam is holding, but rest assured the arms and joints can take the weight.


The stand the kit comes with is a must if you want to get it any type of dynamic poses due to the giant backpack that weighs the kit down.


Absolutely love the mechanism in the backpack that allows the two extension arms to move the extra shields around. This Gundam is going to need all those shields in the anime series.

First let’s get to the subject that detracted me in the beginning off the table. The kit comes with four shields, two of which you can attach to the arms while the other two can be held by extension arms connected to the backpack. The system involved in moving those shields is pretty nice and allows a variety of positions to move the additional shields from protecting the front portion of the mobile suit to the sides.

After seeing the shields in action in the anime and having the kit and shields in my hands, it’s probably the best accessory gimmick on the kit; I’ve spent a lot of time adjusting the shields to different positions to make the Gundam look more formidable.

The kit also comes with a heavy duty backpack with missile pod, a large beam cannon and two propellant tanks attached. Having all that equipment in the back portion of the kit means it’s nearly impossible to have a dynamic pose without a stand which is provided with the model.

The Gundam’s main armaments are comprised of a twin beam rifle on its right arm and a five tube missile pod on its left arm. In addition, the weapons are attached to a shield. Even though each of these weapons are a bit heavy, the arms had no problem holding the weapons forward; the joints are pretty tight for this kit.

The rest of the weapons (like it needs anymore!) are two beam sabers which nicely compliment the mobile suit.


The HG FX-78 Full Armor Gundam from Gundam: Thunderbolt armed with beam sabers. Really love the look of the kit with the additional shields.

The HG FX-78 was a fun kit to put together, and just like the Zaku I it’s got a ton of stickers. I’m a big fan of stickers so that’s a huge plus for me.

After completing this grand kit, I realized that this needs to be a Master Grade. I’m sure it’s going to become one in the future, after all it’s the main Gundam in the series.

But the High Grade model is no slouch.

Even though it’s not as poseable compared to recent High Grades, especially in the knee and elbows, it’s adequate enough to position the kit in dynamic poses armed with its heavy duty and well designed weapons. The level of detail with the assistance of decals just boots the quality of the kit to a higher degree.

I know there’s only a couple of episodes left in the Thunderbolt anime series, but I hope there’s other kits in the future if the Zaku I and FX-78 is any indication of the quality kits on the horizon.


+ Sleek and different design aided by multiple shields which can be positioned in a variety of ways

+ Some awesome weaponry which can be posed with ease due to tight joints

+ Details and stickers give the kit a more stylized look

– Some limited movement in the elbows and knees when compared to other High Grades


Shields protecting the upper body and backpack armaments.


Lifting off to kick some Zeon butt.


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