Gundam: HCM Pro Jegan & Prototype MG Zealot Pt.1


HCM Pro RGM-89 over Sheandoah Valley. All pictures of the Jegan have the stick stand removed with Gimp, trust me it needs to be removed.

     The first HCM Pro I got was the RG-79(G) and I love it to death despite being surprised with it’s size. Like the RX-79 the RGM-89 Jegan is small and is a space type Gundam which proved to be a bit of a challenge for me when trying to decide how to shoot it.

    I was hoping that it would come with some sort of stand, no matter how small or cheap, so I could place it in flight. Unfortunately it did not and the stands I have didn’t suit it’s size. I made due though with a barbecue stick and some double sided tape.


A test run for the MG Zealot, made from the remnants of the Lucky Star Gundam re-painted from light blue and white to black and red.

     Also, after the debacle of trying to create a Lucky Star Gundam, I stopped mid-way in construction of it and decided to do a test run of the MG Zealot that I plan on doing sometime in the future. I had a ton of red and black paint from the MG Strike Enforcer’s production so went ahead and did a test run to see how a similar color would look and see if silver was better than gold for the color scheme.

HCM-Pro RGM-89 Jegan


The Jegan over Blue Ridge Parkway with side rocket launchers engaged.

     The RGM-89 Jegan is a GM featured in the movie Char’s Counterattack, a movie which I have yet to see but will after I’m done with Zeta. The figure itself is pretty sturdy without being too fragile. You can twist the legs and arms around pretty easily, so it’s a great poseable figure.

     Weapons include a beam rifle, 2 beam sabers, a shield, 2 rocket launchers that attach to the hip, 2 grenade racks that connect to the hip, and removable wrist blasters. The rocket launchers are easily my favorite weapon system for the Jegan since it looks pretty cool on the hips, the only drawback is that while they’re on you’ve got limited motion turning the top of the body.


Side hip rocket launchers enganged with beam rifle.  


This time out the grenade launchers replace the rockets on the side hips. Beam Rifle and Saber engaged.


Free falling with Shield and Saber engaged.

     Originally I had no intention of buying the Jegan because of it’s color which I thought looked like toothpaste. But after seeing more pictures of it, it grew on me and I’m glad I bought it. I don’t think there’s an MG of it, but if one was to come out it would make a sweet kit.

     The only negatives that I can find on it are the same that I had with the RG-79, and it’s the size. I would prefer it be a bit bigger and I think Bandai is going in the right direction with the SHCM line, the RX78 is fantastic!, by making the figure the same size as Fix Figurations with the poseability of an HCM.    

     Overall I’m pretty pleased with the figure and can’t wait to see it’s animated version. The mountain I took the pictures from was pretty windy and the stick stand I used had a good amount of tape on it, I was taking no chances as you can see.


My one and only attempt at night photography, if only the moon would come in focus.




Sunset surprise attack.




Test pic of the MG Strike Destroyer and his prize the head of the Freedom.

     Frustration just knocked my Lucky Star Gundam out. I had painted about 1/3 of the main body light blue and a shade of darker white when I realized it was looking like crap and gave up on it immediately. Rather than throw the body away I decided to do the Prototype of the MG Zealot.

    The Zealot will be a dark blue and orange, but I had so much (a ton!!) black and red from making The Strike Enforcer, I went ahead and spray painted the LS Strike over with it. Basically what this did was to give me an idea of what the Zealot will eventually look like with similar color schemes, black for dark blue, red for dark orange and so forth.

    I didn’t use top coat this time around, since the Tamiya spray paint I used were gloss already. The silver turned out good, but I’m probably going to have to spray paint it either gold or gunmetal grey when I get the new body.





16 thoughts on “Gundam: HCM Pro Jegan & Prototype MG Zealot Pt.1

  1. I’m impressed with the pictures of the Jegan and Strike Destroyer. The head of the Freedom cusped in it’s arms was a nice addition.

  2. Woah that black Strike Gundam is awesome. The pictures GM (correct if I’m wrong) I find them weird, somehow it doesn’t look natural, it looks like you copy pasted the GM into the picture.

  3. Ahh, another evil rendition of the Strike! You like making them sinister don’t you, Surf?

    I like this one a little bit more than the previous one since the colors of look like the Destroy Gundam from Destiny a favorite of mine.

  4. Hello! Nice looking website you have here. I saw your mod, the red strike enforcer, on another website and eventually was directed here. I was wondering where you take your outdoor pics? They look great especially the top picture of the Jegan. And by the way Char’s Counterattack is worth the wait.

  5. Man I’m loving all the color schemes you’re coming up with. Really cool looking Strike, sweet GM as well.

    You inspired me with the red version to go repaint my crossbone today (which has since been on the backburner for the last month or two) ^^

  6. Nice pics of jegan in the air! Some great colors on your new mod too. I really like the Strike Destroyer pic with the gundam head in his hand, really creepy! @_@

  7. @Shinjiro Toida=Appreciated! The head was a last minute thing, I just did it to emphasize the name.

    @Lanie-emon=Thanks! After the Zealot, it’ll be my last SF mod…that’s what I say now.

    @Belela-san=Thanks! As for the Jegan: about 80% of my pics I use without a flash since at times it looks a bit unnatural, this time around I had to given the size of the figure or I’d end up with something like this.

    @Toji=I would say at this point, yes I do like to make them evil! lol And the Destroy Gundam IS a direct influence in the painting scheme hence the name of the mod.

    @Roger Sharpe=Hi, welcome! All the pics are from the Shenandoah National Park in northern Virginia. However, pics after this post will be taken in Maryland at my new location.

    @Kintaro=Thank you! I’ve been watching your progress on your blog on the Crossbone. Can’t wait to see it done.

    @Super Striker=Thanks! I’m pretty happy with how the colors turned out as well.

    @MC Naota=Thanks!

  8. The first sunset pic with the Jegan is fantastic, while that pic of the Jegan’s stand gave me a chuckle.

    Black looks good on your Destroyer mod! I myself have started on a Zaku in black, hope my black turns out as well as yours.

  9. @Danny Choo=Thanks!

    @Ken Meiying=Appreciated! I wish the Jegan came with a stand, but my stick stand sufficed! Can’t wait to see the black Zaku.

    @Sotbest=Thank you! I saw your F91, nice work. I really like that black Crossbone you have.

  10. Thanks. I didn’t paint the dragoons because I had already painted them for my aborted Lucky Star Gundam. I think I should’ve used them though and maybe repainted the dragoons red perhaps.

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