Otakon 2007: Sidetracked


    After Anime Mid-Atlantic, I swore to myself that it would be the last Anime Convention for the summer that I went to, given how much I spent. But I had a job interview in D.C., so given that I was close enough to go…I sidetracked my way home and went to Otakon!

     I only spent a short time at Otakon at the Baltimore Convention Center, but it was worth the detour back to Virginia.  There was a tremendous amount of places to go, people to meet, things to buy, and art to pick up.  Below you’ll find some brief notes and a few pictures from the event.

Sidetrack 001 – COSPLAYERS 


     I’m always amazed at how much time and material people spend on their costumes, but their efforts were well spent at Otakon. There were some really great costumes and really big ones like the one above with that giant wingspan. For some reason I’m always a sucker for costumes with huge wings. I think next year I may go as one of the Gundam’s in Gundam Wing!

     I wish I had taken more pictures of these costumes, but as anyone who was there knows, there’s just too many of them! So I concentrated my efforts on mecha’s(as usual) and the dark side.

Click Pics to Mecha Size.

anotakonelven.jpg     anotakonoptimus.jpg     apocky.jpg     anironman.jpg     anotakondarkprincess.jpg

    Elven.             Cybertonian.                Pocky.                     Iron.               Undead.


Good backdrop using the Hellsing’s huge display at the Vendor’s Room.


These guys got some attention from the local tourists in Baltimore.  According to the guy looking at the cam, no pain!

anotakontsubasa.jpg     anotakonunknown2b.jpg



Sidetrack 002 – ART


An awesome print I got from Nainsoo. He says it took him some time to finish it, but well worth the wait!

     As usual there were a lot of great art on sale, but I learned from last time that I need to keep a budget. But it’s hard when the art is so spectacular.  I’m trying my hand at drawing, but after going through the enormous amount of art at Otakon, I think it’s safe to say that I’ll be buying more than drawing.


One of my favorite pieces of art from Otakon. Done by Endling over at Snafu Comics.


Nainsoo’s artist and table. There was an endless amount of talented artists both mainstream and amateur at Otakon. Why can’t I draw like these people?!

avilsy.jpg     ahacksign.jpg     afevereon2b.jpg     anotakonartpiece3.jpg

       Vilsy Working.          .Hack/Sign                Fev’s Ships.              Dirty Girl.



Sidetrack 003 – MERCHANDISE


Hobby Link Japan’s truck inside the vendor’s room. I should have learned my lesson at AMA, and came early for the best deals and stock. HLJ says their goodies were cut in half by the time Saturday rolled in, but they still had some treasure left, like a Pearl PG Gundam Wing Zero.

     I’m not even through reading and putting together models from my last convention and I’m still buying more! But I can’t help it there’s just so much to get. I picked out a few of my favorite finds from Otakon even though there was a tremendous amount that I bought and still haven’t unpacked from my car.

 anotakonstar.jpg  anotakonharuhi.jpg

      Who wants some Lucky Star manga?                Haruhi merchandise anyone?

     One thing that I was surprised about was the amount of free stuff people and companies were giving away. From free DVD’s to free books of your favorite character. One nice packet I received was the DLsite.com fun pack below.


DLsite.com’s fun pack that they were giving out for free includes a calendar, cd-rom, and book. The book has some manga strips and info. The DVD contains 10 free trial games, becareful really explicit stuff! But my favorite has to be the calendar.  Some pics below, including the 2 pages full of stickers.

adlsitecalendar1.jpg     adlsitesticers.jpg     adlsitebookpageabc.jpg

      Grahics in the Calendar.   Calendar’s pages of stickers.        DLsite book.

         And you know I couldn’t leave without a Gundam model. So I went ahead and bought the superb Skygrasper and Aile Striker. I’ve been aching for another post for the Strike since the last one. Now I’ve got an excuse.


  One of several Gundam displays at Otakon. I should’ve borrowed HLJ’s truck.

askygrasperbox.jpg  anailestrikeinstruction.jpg

     The big box for the Skygrasper.                I can’t wait to put this thing together.

     I got a lot of artbooks but one of my favorites has to be the Robot book overseen by Range Murata who also provides the awesome cover of the series books. I got #6 which includes a figure designed by Murata and a small microrobot book. All of which you could see below.


Robot #6 book cover by Range Murata. Below some figurines I had that are also designed by Murata.

aarangemuratapicrobo6.jpg     aarangemuratarobo6fig.jpg     aarangemuratarobo6pic2.jpg

               A Range Murata pic.      Figure with Book 6.          Pic from book.



Sidetrack 004 – The End


     Otakon 2007 was fantastic and I’m really glad that I was close enough at the time to stop by and meet a lot of great people while going broke at the same time. I really enjoyed myself in Baltimore and hopefully next year I’ll stay longer!




29 thoughts on “Otakon 2007: Sidetracked

  1. Evening Otaku! Thank you very much for the pics you sent. You’ve got a wonderful site and I did take a look at your review of Strawberry Marshmallow. Next time stay the whole 3 days! See you later!

  2. I found your website, I told you I could do it! lol

    It was cool hanging out with you and thanks for the water! Those guys out front with the chains…I don’t know, they looked like they were in pain! 😦

    I must have missed those Lucky * books, I would’ve got one.

  3. Hi Otaku Surf! Thanks for stopping by. Wow, cool site! How long have you been in operation? I wouldn’t give up on your art, it took me a while to get my style down. I know it’s cliche, but patience is the key.

    I like the art pieces you posted up, especially Nainsoo’s. I got a lot from Alpha Shade, Joseph Lister, and a cool starship from Fevereon. I see you’ve got some of hers up there.

  4. hey otaku surf, i don’t know if you remember me but i was dressed up as misa from death note i was with my brother at the vendor’s room.
    i just wanted to say hi and visit the site. it looks like you bought a lot of stuff! just like me ^_^ it’s good that you left when you did, traffic was horrible!

  5. Looks like a lot of fun. I’ve been to Otakon once before and I came home about $500.00 lighter. It’s definitely something you want to look up when you’re in the area. I might go back next year.

  6. It seems that you guys had a lot of fun. Those cosplayers are incredible!

    @Hangmen & lanie-emon ~ Looks kinda impossible to get this kind of convention here.

  7. I’ll be headed to my first Anime Convention next month. I can’t hardly wait!

    Thanks for the compliments! DannyChoo.com posted some other alternate photography methods that may lend themselves better to photographing your PG. Otherwise you will need a big ol’ box! They mostly use diffused and reflected light off of foam core and such. Just as cheap, and easier to store.

  8. oloha! i wanted to go so badly this year, but my brother’s wedding in hawaii took priority. do you blame me?

    i like the girl with the wings and the tsubasa costume. my younger sister and i went as cardcaptor sakura and kero-chan a few years back, so i’m biased when it comes to clamp

  9. @Jessica=No problem. I was going to get the Marshmallow anime but I ran out of money. I’ve heard the manga is better than the anime.

    @Hangmen=You’re right about that. I’m thinking the next one I go to I’m going to have to get a new credit card. I was thinking convention in Malaysia would be on par with the ones here in the U.S.

    @Lanie=Skygrasper is built but I’m looking for a stand for it before I start taking pics of it. The stand it came with is fine with the PG Strike and Aile Striker, not so much with the Skygrasper.

    @Allison=I guess I lost the bet. As for those guys with the chain, Laurie has a better pic of those guys. They didn’t look to be in a lot of pain. I really like the Lucky Star manga, I wish someone would pick up the licence for it, I know it’s too early.

    @Hype=I haven’t been around for that long started this summer. I saw Lister’s stuff and it was pretty good. Nainsoo and Fevereon were my favorites. I’m still working on anatomy so I’m slowly getting there.

    @Punk Girl=Yeah I remember you, cute outfit! You know coming into Baltimore was pretty bad almost like D.C. But leaving at the time I did and parking out in the middle of nowhere saved me a lot of time!

    @John=I don’t think I would’ve went if not for the job interview in D.C. Only five hundred lighter? Lol. I don’t want to even think of a number for me.

    @Super Rats=There was a lot of stuff in the Artists Alley that I wanted to buy. It was my favorite part of the convention. A real variety of artists and work.

    @Cryorazor=A lot of fun while spending a tremendous amount of money! There were some really unique costumes and real big ones at this event. I don’t know people do it given the summers in Baltimore.

    @Rsnumber2=Cool, which one are you going to? I really need to get started on my photo box, all I’ve been doing mostly is outdoor shots. But I’m thinking with the Skygrasper that one definitely has to be done outside.

    @Jana=You picked the right one! Have fun in Hawaii. I didn’t see to many Cardcaptor Sakura costumes but there were a few Tsubasa Chronicles costumes.

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  11. Thanks to those who visited today, OtakuSurf.com got as high as #45 on WordPress’s Top 100 posts for today July 24th. Yahoooo! I mean WordPress!!

  12. Congratulations surf! Going for #1 next time right?

    Otakon looks like a lot of fun. A lot of manga and art, my faves!

  13. Your side sure have lots of anime convention. Singapore seldom, or rather should say don’t have any of these. The closest we can get is the Cosfest, which is more on cosplay. Would sure love to attend one of those convention if I got the chance.

  14. Nice buy with the Skygrasper and Ailestriker! Went to Otakon and just bought many, many MG and HG Gundams. I was tempted to buy the PG Strike for 125, but I just need more practice.

    Any Gundam cosplayers at Otakon?

  15. Back at Fixt. Just a small convention in Wichita, Kansas. Maybe in the following years I can make it to some bigger ones. We’ll see… I can’t wait to see the Skygrasper pics.

  16. Hmm.. I was also at Otakon, now how was it that in the dealers room there were free stuff given out? I certainly would agree with your opinion with the sidetracks of all the nice cosplayers and the artist alley, but just wondering where were they giving away free stuff?

  17. Thanx for sending the pics! I need a better camera for cons because all my pics always end up being too bright. Cool looking robot book!

  18. @ Kit = Thanks. I’m going to try!

    @ Angelo = That’s a fair comparison. The need to start handing out carts!…for me anyways.

    @ Xiao = We are pretty lucky that there is a lot of cons here. I just attend a few though, so I don’t break the bank!

    @ Super Striker = I only saw one Gundam Cosplayer as the Noir Strike.

    @ Rsnumber2 = That’s what I did, start out small. Next year I’m planning to travel cross country for Anime Expo.

    @ Animemiz49 = A few times it was people standing in front of their booths handing stuff for free like the DL fun pack.

    @ Sakura-chan = No problem. I saw your pics and they’re not bad!

  19. Nice pics!! The print you got from Nainsoo looks sweet. The characters look familiar but I can’t place ’em. Where are they from? Or is it 4:50 AM and it’s just me?

  20. Yeah, they’er not original characters. I asked Nainsoo about them at Otakon, but I forgot where they came from. I’ll email him and ask.

  21. im the guy with the hooks…. BTW the guy in the front is mason and im in the back.. if you would like to ask other questions about it than feel free to message me on aim

    aim – matt ew barnhart

    myspace – myspace.com/bonhot

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