Picture of the High Grade MS-05 ZAKU I [GUNDAM THUNDERBOLT Ver.].

As I’m waiting for the my camera lens to come in to do a proper review of the PROTOTYPE GOUF [MOBILITY DEMONSTRATOR BLUE COLOR Ver.] I got around to putting together the High Grade MS-05 Zaku I from Gundam Thunderbolt after seeing some reviews on the kit which came out in 2014.

I didn’t plan to do a full review of this kit and was just going to throw up some pics, but this kit really rocks. As with the Gouf, the Zeon mobile suits are slowly growing on me since I got Char’s HG Custom Zaku from Gundam: The Origin. And this version of the Zaku I is just incredible, it’s not perfect by any means, but it’s pretty close.

I plan to do a full on review on the kit after the HG Prototype Gouf, but some quick impressions include: fantastic design and color choice, stickers (with application guides on the kit itself!), accessories galore, some limitations in movement due to the design of the armor, unusual backpack,  and fun to put together.

Full review coming soon.


Picture of the High Grade MS-05 ZAKU I [GUNDAM THUNDERBOLT Ver.].




High Grade Char Aznable’s Custom Zaku II from Gundam: The Origin.  The kit’s armed with the Zaku Bazooka and a Heat Hawk.

It’s been a very long time and it took me something grand to come back to this blog site and Gundam models.

Although I’m pretty late on the series, I got hooked on the Gundam: The Origin anime series which I think is pretty superb with the animation and the story.

Now to be honest, I never really liked Char’s Zaku, perhaps it was the colors that the original series used or the model’s colors, but this HG version from the new series looked superb and it looks even more impressive in Gunpla form.

This High Grade model is not the HG model I’m used to.

It’s very articulate, a bit more detailed,  more opportunities for panel lines,  and there are stickers included!  I love the stickers, although some are very tiny and hard to put on.

The accessories which are plentiful include a mammoth sized anti-ship rifle, Zaku bazooka, and two heat hawks.

The HG Char Aznable’s Custom Zaku II is a great addition to my collection, and I will be getting more models from The Origin, specifically Zeon!


GUNDAM Robot Damashii: GNZ-005 Garazzo

The GNZ-005 Garazzo with GN Blades activated.

The GNZ-005 Garazzo with GN Blades activated.

     After getting the HG Gadessa, I was about ready to get the HG Garazzo. Just before I was going to get it however, I noticed one important thing that was left out. 

     The GN blades were not separated on the HG model. Instead they were stuck together. Fortunately Bandai released the Garazzo in it’s Robot Damashii figure line which had the separated and finger-like blades.

Garazzo blasting off with GN Beam Claws enabled.

Garazzo blasting off with GN Beam Claws enabled.

Garazzo mounting an assault with GN Beam claws.

Garazzo mounting an assault with GN Beam claws.

     How does a Robot Damashii hold up against an HG model? Pretty damn good.

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Gundam: HCM Pro Jegan & Prototype MG Zealot Pt.1


HCM Pro RGM-89 over Sheandoah Valley. All pictures of the Jegan have the stick stand removed with Gimp, trust me it needs to be removed.

     The first HCM Pro I got was the RG-79(G) and I love it to death despite being surprised with it’s size. Like the RX-79 the RGM-89 Jegan is small and is a space type Gundam which proved to be a bit of a challenge for me when trying to decide how to shoot it.

    I was hoping that it would come with some sort of stand, no matter how small or cheap, so I could place it in flight. Unfortunately it did not and the stands I have didn’t suit it’s size. I made due though with a barbecue stick and some double sided tape.


A test run for the MG Zealot, made from the remnants of the Lucky Star Gundam re-painted from light blue and white to black and red.

     Also, after the debacle of trying to create a Lucky Star Gundam, I stopped mid-way in construction of it and decided to do a test run of the MG Zealot that I plan on doing sometime in the future. I had a ton of red and black paint from the MG Strike Enforcer’s production so went ahead and did a test run to see how a similar color would look and see if silver was better than gold for the color scheme.

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Mecha: Gundam SHCM RX-78, Gundam Frontier 001, Hobby Japan 9


The Super HCM Pro RX-78 over the Shenandoah Valley.

     I remember getting my first Gundam Fix Figuration Figure, the Kampfer, and just getting blown away by the details of the figure and not to mention all the weapons it came with! One thing that I was dissapointed with was the pose ability which was limited given it’s size and armor. And with some you could pose them but some of it’s parts may fall off due to loose armor.  

     It would be nice if they could make a figure the same size as the Fix Figures with the same pose ability as an HCM….Can Bandai make a figure with the durability and sturdiness of an HCM and the detail and size of a Gundam Fix Figuration Figure? Is the SHCM such a figure?

  a15smallhorizonrx78.jpg a21rx78shootingsmall.jpg

     Also as I wait patiently (it’s hard!) for the MG Full Burst Freedom to arrive, I went ahead and picked up Hobby magazines, Hobby Japan 9.

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Gundam: Master Grade Hi-V with Gundam Photoscope 002


Hi-V Gundam flying towards the horizon. 

     After finishing the Perfect Grade Strike Gundam I went looking for more PG’s to buy. I surfed around the web and saw what was available and there really wasn’t anything that really compared to the awesome designs of the Strike. I knew there were High and Master Grades, but in my mind why bother going down(HG,MG) when you’ve already started with the top(PG).

     That’s when I saw the MG Hi-V.  Looking at other people’s model of the Gundam, especially this guy’s, I went ahead and bought the Hi-V. How did it turn out?

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Gundam: GFF Zeonography Kampfer


Kampfer MS-18E patrolling nearby woods.

     Gundam 0080: War In Pocket is my favorite Gundam series because of the Zeon mecha featured in that series. Sure it’s got some great characters with Bernard and Christina, and a great story, although a bit tragic at the end; but the main attraction for me is the Kampfer.

      I got the Zeonography Kampfer a few months ago and decided to do a short overview of my favorite Mecha of all time. Continue reading