Gunpla Progress Brief: MG Freedom & Freedom Enforcer


Master Grade Strike Freedom after 1st coat of Top Coat.  Decals and stickers to come later.

     After painting, inking, and putting top coat on the MG Strike Freedom I am really regretting not doing this with the PG Strike and the MG Hi-v.  It absolutely makes a substantial difference…but I didn’t listen until now…better late than never!

     I used Tamiya spray paint and Gundam Markers for the first time and they’re great, you could see the results above.  I really love using the Top Coat! The only thing with using Top Coat, is that it’s taking forever to dry! I did 2 coats of Top Coat and it’s still a bit sticky in a few areas, but it’s getting there.

     That’s the only thing that’s stopping me from taking it out to the mountain range for some pics, and this definitely needs to be taken outside especially with those wings…I’m thinking sunrise pics for this one.


MG Freedom Enforcer Mod Pics. The red armor will eventually be a darker red than what is presented above.

    Days after I received my MG Strike Freedom in the mail, I got another package a few days later as a gift.  It turns out it was another MG Strike Freedom! (Not complaining, and thank you!!) Rather than send it back which would probably cost me an arm and a leg, I decided to do my first mod with it. I’m still in the process of painting runners but it’s main color scheme will be black and dark red.

     Hopefully by next week I’ll have pics of the MG Strike Freedom from Blue Ridge and the following week after the Top Coat has dryed, my Gunpla mod, Freedom Enforcer from Bearface Mountain.




15 thoughts on “Gunpla Progress Brief: MG Freedom & Freedom Enforcer

  1. yup, painting, inking, and putting on a top coat does really makes up plamo more outstanding :D~

    I’m pretty much the same as you, haven been putting top coat on my plamos, been only doing the 1st 2 steps up till this year when I read up a modeling guide that talks about the benefit of applying a top coat.

  2. I have always encouraged people that purchase Gundam to paint them. As you have already stated, it makes a difference. I strongly suggest you continue.

    The Strike Freedom looks great so far and I can’t wait to see your “Freedom Enforcer”.

  3. Nice paint job! With Top Coat, I’m guessing it’s the humidity that’s really slowing down drying it. I speak of experience with my fighters and gundam.

  4. waiting for the finished product!! i never paint my gundams coz of time constraint.. but from my observations, it really makes a huge difference. ^_^

  5. Hey that’s great. I JUST got my colors and a new Gunpla. It’s the first time for me as well to use the sprays. Hope everything goes well.

    I’m looking forward to your pics. They are always great and make great atmosphere =)

  6. One of my uncles has a large collection of trains in his basement and he uses Tamiya Paint. The Gundam looks good so far.

    And Hi! I’m new here got your site from a link from Jana. So jealous with the Megami posters from the other post! ^_^

  7. Looking good there! Unfortunately, I have ground to a halt on my current gunpla. Goufy Shumi, work, and my new DS are taking up way too much time. When things cool down here, I plan to get back on it. Once I finish my HGUC RX-178 MK-II/FXA-05D, I will make plans on finishing my MG Gouf Custom. Can’t wait to see your modded MG!

  8. @Danny=Finished as of writing, now the wait for the right weather and temp!

    @Jacques=Top Coat does wonders and I’m going to research more on that as well.

    @Lanie-emon=The Tamiya colors are great! Recommended.

    @Shinjiro Toida=”Freedom Enforcer” is all painted and inked up and I’m really excited about putting it together.

    @Dunkirk=I spoke to some hobbyists and they told me that it does take longer for top coat to dry given the humidity in the area.

    @John USC=Preliminary designs for the mod I used Adobe CS3 for colors, I’m pretty satsified with the mod.

    @Yasser Anas=It makes a huge difference! And I’m glad I’m doing it with the Freedom.

    @David=That’s cool that I’m not the only one! Good luck and can’t wait to see it.

    @Rei=More Megami soon and welcome! One of the hobby stores I go to for advice has a whole floor dedicated to trains.

    @Rsnumber2=I hear that! As summer ends I get a lot busier and possible relocation, so the modded Freedom Enforcer may be my last gunpla project for the forseeable future. The Goufy Shumi banner looks pretty cool by the way!

  9. Thanks alot! I was really sweatin’ it. I have tried many a banner, and wasn’t happy with any of them. Your site and Mechscientific were both instrumental in my redesign. Both are well done, I was embarrased! ^^ I plan on getting back to the HGUC sooner than expected due to some stressful times ahead. It’s a good way to get one’s mind off things, and letting a little steam off. Oh, and one tip, I have seen people use Sakura markers instead of Gundam markers. Gundam markers are worth the extra money. Don’t use imitations!

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