Otaku Techz: Transformers, Denno Coil, dv9500t


Optimus Prime from the Dreamworks picture Transformers.

     I vaguely remember watching the Transformers cartoons when I was a kid and even having a large amount of those cool Autobot and Decepticon robots(unfortunately in junk/trash heaven now). Recently I went back and watched the Transformers movie released back in 1986 and was  surprised to find out how violent it was with transformers actually dying(!) and in some very destructive ways. All of which prepared me for the new movie.

     I had read a lot of reviews about the movie with reviewers saying just don’t expect the cartoon and go in with an open mind expecting the worse.  I think the latter worked for me in the past with movie adaptations of comics and books, but still I wanted some semblance of that cartoon. Better than the 80’s animated movie? I also caught the 1st episode of the anime Denno Coil and finally received my suped up laptop. 



     The Transformers movie is about the two alien robotic/mecha lifeforms, Autobots and Decepticons, who transform into vehicles that come to Earth to find a cube which created their once peaceful planet and has a great amount of power that could be used to enslave the galaxy.  Sam Witwicky, played by Shia Lebouf, gets entangled with the mechas in their battle for the cube.  

     The highest point for me in the movie, believe it or not, was the design of the Transformers. They are quite excellent and even more so when it’s projected on a very large screen. When I saw Optimus Prime, leader of the good Autobots, design on the internet I didn’t like it and he looked really weird in his robotic form. But on screen it looks fantastic.


Terrific action in Transformers…that is when you can see it.

     Although the Transformers looked outstanding in their robot forms, one thing that really bothered me was the 2nd half of the movie where the climactic battle between the two sides take place.  There’s a lot going on in the battle, but a lot of the times it was pretty hard to distinguish who was fighting who and who was doing what.  A lot of movies I’ve seen uses close camera shots for action shots, and it works in the context of what they are doing.  But close up shots in quick action here in this movie had me at a loss at times as what was actually happening and to whom.

anoptimus4bc.jpg     amegatron3bi.jpg

Optimus Prime-Awesome all the way, even had the original voice actor from the cartoon.  

Megatron-Robot form was a little too much for me, but he has a kick ass Alien Jet form!

     I think the movie is at it’s strongest with the 1st half and kinds of falters with the 2nd because of the aformentioned action and some silly subplots that include a goofy FBI agent played by John Turturro. Aside from Shia Lebouf, there are a few actors that stood out above all the robot carnage. There’s some hillarious comedy scenes with one of my favorite actors, Anthony Anderson, and a few scenes with Jon Voight.

     The movie was a pure summer popcorn action flick, with not a lot of substance in the story, although it did have one. I enjoyed it for what it was. But people looking for a continuation or straight re-telling of the 80’s cartoon and movie, look elsewhere and you’ll enjoy it a whole lot more.



     The first episode of Denno Coil is about a young girl named Yasako and her younger sister Yuko as they move into their new home in Daikoku City.  Everything looks quite ordinary until you realize that their dog, Densuke, is a virtual one. In fact the episode slowly begins to show the true world, as the glasses they wear provide a half virtual & half real world.

     As Yasako and her sister travel in Daikoku, their dog gets entangled with what looks like a small black electronic ghost(an illegal virtual entity) and gets stuck in a wall along with it. Yasako meets Yuko, a hacker who hunts abnormalities in the virtual world, who helps her retrieve the dog.


Yuko & Yasako have a little fun at the expense of their virtual dog, Densuke.    

dennotest2.jpg     dennotest1.jpg     dennotest3.jpg

          Densuke-Virtual Dog          Yasako in trouble          Yuko retrieving Densuke

     I really enjoyed Denno Coil, from it’s simple animation designs to the story presented. Mind you, it’s just basically a set up of how the world works, but it’s an interesting one with it’s own unique simple and charm.  A perfect example would be the one where Yuko is attempting to save Daisuke by “fishing” him out of the virtual abandoned space by simply using a fishing rod.  There’s a lot of ideas presented in the first episode of Denno Coil and I can’t wait to see them fleshed out.

HP DV9500T


     I got the HP Pavillion DV9500t a few days ago and is an updated and suped up version of the DV9000T I had a month ago.  The biggest thing about this computer is it’s 2.20 Intel Centrino Duo processor. Fast, fast, fast! Running Adobe photoshop CS3, while surfing the net, playing a DVD, and burning a DVD all at the same time is not a problem for this baby.

     The 17 inch monitor and it’s Ultra Brightview screen is just gorgeous! Whether you’re playing games or watching DVD’s, the colors just pop out of this thing. The specs I got it under include; Windows Vista Ultimate, 511MB Nvidia GeForce 8600 GS, and a 200GB hard drive at 7200 RPM’s.  The battery unlike the DV9000T, has a bit more juice with just under 2 hours of power, which is quite an improvement given how much power this thing runs on. And like the 9000z the heat given off is very little and comfortable enough to sit on your lap.

akeyboardggh.jpg     amonitorabc.jpg     amarks.jpg

   A lot of space & quick keys.   A lot of screen real estate.   Promising Upgrades.


9 thoughts on “Otaku Techz: Transformers, Denno Coil, dv9500t

  1. Watch Transformer movie. Kinda neutral bout it, some goodand some bad points. Gotta love it when half of the cinema was clapping/hooting/shouting for Optimus when he first spoke (I was one of them XD). Nice laptop btw.

  2. Saw it on opening day here and loved it! I think most of the people in the theater were fans already including myself

    Let’s see some perfect grade toys from Hasbro! lol

  3. i saw transformers with my friends and i liked it. it’s like you said, it’s a popcorn movie nothing too deep into it. poor bumblebee though! 😦

  4. I’m going to see the transformers movie some time this summer, not sure if its out yet in the UK though. The mecha designs do look amazing, while I’m not expecting the plot to be brilliant, it would be nice to see some giant robots fighting. And if I don’t like it, it wont be too bad, my brother is borrowing the entire first series transformers boxset, so I can easily access the real thing.

    Optimus Prime having his original voice actor is something I like, his original voice actor was very badass. I heard Megatrons original voice actor auditioned for Megatron, but failed in the process…. XD

    Nice laptop! Its monitor size is 3 inches bigger than my desktop, heh.

  5. Great looking laptop. A friend of mine is looking to get a new laptop with the Centrino Duo processor because as you say it’s worth it. From what I gather a big advantage is the tremendous amount of power it saves when you’re not plugged in.

    I have yet to see Transformers or Denno Coil. But both look interesting.

  6. @Lanie=There were a few people in the audience that clapped when Optimus made his appearance. I was expecting more. computer wise=thanks, no problems so far.

    @Toji=A PG would be so awesome! Optimus Prime first!

    @Jana=At least he survived!

    @nandeman=I think the 1st season of Transformers is the strongest out of them all. I don’t think I can imagine anyone taking Optimus’s roll other than that actor.

    @Super Striker=It’s awesome. And there’s 8 episodes out I haven’t seen yet.

    @Yonghow=That long? Well it’s worth the wait, in my opinion.

    @John=I can really tell the difference from the speed to how long it lasts, it’s a good investment for me.

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