HCM-PRO RX-79(G) Gundam Review

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     It’s been raining non stop here and it occasionally clears up so that me and my friends can actually go out and do something. We decided to go mountain hiking. So I went ahead and brought my brand spanking new RX-79G, just in case I get the right light when we’re up on top. And as you can see above, I got the right light, but it was hell getting that particular pic since we were so high up, it was windy and it’s not the most sturdiest place to take a picture.


    Surveying The Land.                Batter Up!                  Taking out Air Support.

    When I first got it I remember thinking how small the HCM-Pro line really is. It’s even smaller than the Fix Figuration line. But the Pro line, at least this figure is extremely articulate as you can see above and the details on the Gundam are right up there with Gundam Fix. I actually like the colors on the 79G rather than the 78…although with that upcoming Super HCM Pro I may change my mind. But with this figure that’s going to be hard to do.

Taking out Zeon Scum.



                                 Going Home.                   Lock and Load.

     The only negatives I can say about this figure is that some of it’s joints particularly in the legs can be a bit loose, depending on how you want the figure to stand. That’s a big thing when you’ve got a backpack that’s about half the weight on the figure dragging it down. You’ll notice that I took the backpack off for some of the more complex stances.

     On the whole I really like my first HCM Pro figure, it’s smaller than I expected, but it’s pretty much on par with details with the Fix Figuration Figures and has a bit more articulation than most Gundam figures.

Creeping out of the forest. I am a slave to Photoshop!


11 thoughts on “HCM-PRO RX-79(G) Gundam Review

  1. Hey Danny, thanks. Yeah I was lucky to get that shot when I did. When we finally got to the top, there was just enough light for a few shots, luckily that one came out.

  2. Pretty cool. I like the batter up and photoshop pic. Good thing the gundam didn’t tumble down the mountain!

  3. Hey John, with that photoshop pic I think I could do better, but I’m pretty satisfied with what I got. I just got CS3 so I’ll probably do more with my pics.

    Hi XiaoRouWan, I like it too! Hopefully the weather gets better and I can bring different Gundams up there.

  4. @Cryorazor=Thanks man. It was pretty tough getting that shot, I actually had the camera on continuous shooting, because I couldn’t hold the camera steady at that height.

  5. That is a sweet looking figure! 08th MS Team is my favorite series so far. I’ll have to give 0080 a shot though, after reading some of your comments. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Comments are always welcome!

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