Gundam: GFF Zeonography Kampfer


Kampfer MS-18E patrolling nearby woods.

     Gundam 0080: War In Pocket is my favorite Gundam series because of the Zeon mecha featured in that series. Sure it’s got some great characters with Bernard and Christina, and a great story, although a bit tragic at the end; but the main attraction for me is the Kampfer.

      I got the Zeonography Kampfer a few months ago and decided to do a short overview of my favorite Mecha of all time.



     The MS-18E Kampfer is a Zeon mobile suit that is armed to the teeth with heavy weaponary.  Apart from it’s massive and intimidating looks and size, the Kampfer has got an arsenal of deadly weapons enough to one-band an invasion of a Federal base.   


Kampfer using twin 360mm giant bazookas.

astance1.jpg     astance2.jpg     astance3.jpg

     Chain mined from the front.       Saber criss cross.           Chain mine details.

     I really like the design of the mecha especially the face and it’s shoulder armor.  Bandai doesn’t hold back on the details and marks when it comes to this line, and the Kampfer is no exception. 


     The figure also seems to be a bit more sturdy than other Fix Figuration Figures, with less chance of parts falling off.  But then again more recent Fix Figurations are becoming more and more sturdy when compared to earlier releases.  As if the Kampfer’s design wasn’t cool enough, the figure can be fixed to the Protoype Kampfer, the YMS-18 Kampfer.

YMS-18 Kampfer


     The YMS-18 Kampfer(Prototype) is a bit heavily armored than the final product. With skirt armor, bigger shoulder armor, and it’s huge vulcan machine gun, the YMS-18 looks even more menacing than the regular Kampfer.  I prefer this version to the normal one, but both are at the top of my list when it comes to design.  


The Prototype Kampfer with vulcan machine gun. Technically it’s his only weapon, but I don’t think he really needs anything else. Don’t you think?

yms-cu2.jpg         yms-boost1.jpg

             YMS up close and personal.     Prototype with awesome decals and thrusters.

     The Kampfer is one of the best figures I’ve seen translated through the Gundam Fix Figuration series.  The figure is a great mecha from top to bottom, from the heavy and deadly design of the armor to the multitude of cool weapons.  Here’s hoping they make a perfect grade out of it.


13 thoughts on “Gundam: GFF Zeonography Kampfer

  1. That machine gun is enormous! My favorite weaopn is the chain mine. Even though it didn’t dent the Alex.

  2. Nice pics. Not a real fan of War in Pocket, but I agree it’s got some fantastic mechas. Since it’s your fav ms, do you have the master grade of it?
    A perfect grade would be pretty cool for the kampfer.

  3. i managed to catch the show when wing was on.i got a little teary eyed at the end of gundam 80. i thought it was a pretty good show, until the end. bernie!!

    how big are these figures compared to the full sized models? i can’t really tell by the pics. but the robot looks pretty neat!

  4. Good work, my friend! I have this one and sometimes I like to play around with it and it’s many weapons! I would say Kampfer and Johnny Ridden’s custom are my favorites from zeonography. If you could find Ridden you’re in luck!

  5. @Superstriker=I love the machine gun. As powerful as the chain mine is, I ‘m surprised that it didn’t do more damage to the Alex.

    @Paul=I’ve seen pics of the MG Kampfer, and I really don’t like it. I’m not sure what it is, perhaps I’m spoiled with GFF and PG in terms of detail.

    @Jana=The Kampfer is pretty much about half the size of the Perfect Grade Strike.

    @Toji=I did manage to find Ridden’s but they haven’t contacted me back if it’s still in stock. But Ridden’s custom is excellent!

  6. I haven’t seen this series before, but I may have to look at it just to see the kampfer animated. By the way, what kind of camera do you use for your outside shots?

  7. @Danny=Thank you. But I think you’re still a better photographer…There’s still a lot to learn for me.

    @John=I use a nikon d80.

  8. Whie the Kampfer carries an impressive arsenal, it’s lightly armored and couldn’t take a lot of hits, as demonstrated by the RX78NT1 pwning it mercilessly with the Gatling gun. With they’d come up with a HGUC 1/144 for this anytime soon. My 1/144 NT1′ needs a ‘pal’ to play around with.

  9. I like the look of the prototype,however there are 2 inaccuracies with it:
    It is supposed to be green, not blue.
    That’s not a vulcan machine gun, is a beam machine gun prototype.


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