Nanatsuiro Drops & Gundam Project Status


Sumomo and Masaharu pencilboard from Megami magazine.

    Noizi Ito is fast becoming one of my favorite artists, from Haruhi to Shana, her designs are well done and recognizable.  When I was at Otakon, I did spot a few books with her illustrations in them and I was blown away by them (unfortunately my cash at that time was blown away by other goodies) . One of his works that I’m beginning to familiarize myself with is the new anime series, Nanatsuiro Drops.

    Both magazines I picked up today have Nanatsuiro Drops coverage so I decided to jam pack this post with some anime, figure, and game coverage of the little lady.  I also do a brief tally of some future Gundam projects that are going on and that I may take up.



Sumomo Akihime from the Japanese PS2 Game.

     Nanatsuiro Drops stars Sumomo Akihime(above) and Masaharu Tsuwabuki, a student turned stuffed animal lamb. One day Tsuwabuki is at school pondering about what other people are saying about him, how Tsuwabuki should be more outgoing and make more friends. This leads to an encounter with Sumomo at school where both run into each other.

     Later on Tsuwabuki is talked into joining the Gardening club by Natsume Kisaragi Sensei which Sumomo is a member of.  During a break from the gardening activities Tsuwabuki bumps into a strange man and mistakes his drink for the others

     Once he drinks the soda he turns into a stuffed lamb animal.  Kisaragi Sensei becomes aware of Tsuwabuki’s transformation and tells him that the only way to turn him back is to partner up with Sumomo and gather 7 Skydrops which fall from the sky.


Sumomo running into Tsuwabuki and spilling water on him.

aaaaaaaaaaananatsu.jpg     aaaaaaaaaaananaandtsu1bc.jpg

              Tsuwabuki transformed to Yuki.    Sumomo and Yuki working together.

     The series kind of reminds me of Cardcaptor Sakura especially with the clear and fluid animation. I really like all the designs of the characters especially Sumomo’s main outfit. 

     The introduction of the main characters are done pretty quickly and get into the thick of things by the end of the 1st episode with Sumomo and Yuki getting the 1st Stardrop.  Out of all the characters introduced Tsuwabuki’s the most interesting, and this time around the stuffed animal’s not a pervert.   

    I really like the animation and the story is pretty good, albeit Sumomo cries a bit. Nanatsuiro is a bit more serious than other magical girl seris I’ve seen with a bit of humor here and there. It’s a series I’ll stick with if not only to balance the perverted but extremely funny Moetan.


Side 2 of the Nanatsuiro Drops pencilboard from Megami.



Some character designs from the series from Megami.



The next figure to come out next month for Dengeki G’s. Should have been this months! But we got Yuiko which isn’t that bad.



Nanatsuiro Drops triple gate fold poster from last month’s Megami.


DENGEKI G’S 200th issue focus – Nanatsuiro Drops & Yuiko Kurugaya


     Missed out on a few issues of G’s but I’m glad I got this one, the Nanatsuiro game for the PS2 looks pretty good and of course they’re not going to include any adult scenes…at least this time around.

     The figure from the Little Busters game, Yuiko Kurugaya was a nice little surprise and for a free figure it was well done. I’ll probably give this one away to one of the brave souls I took with me on my last photo session. I’m really thinking about the getting the game after seeing what’s included with it, over at Moeside.


Some screenshots from the game and some great artwork!


The Yuiko Kurugaya figure from Little Busters. Living on the edge…literally. Taken during the MG Strike Freedom shoot.



MG Strike Enforcer test picture

     My color variation Strike Freedom, Enforcer, is about 95% done and I’m hoping in the next day or two to go out shooting with it. This was a pretty expensive endeavour for me, not because of the price of the model kit itself but the amount of spray paint, primer, and top coat I used fot it.

     I did some test shooting outside with it, but the pictures came out horribly after I tried to experiment with my Nikon DSLR’s settings. One positive thing that came out of it was the durability of the model and the the Top Coat. The leg accidentally came off and fell to the ground which was pretty jagged. It bounced a few times, but little to no scratches or paint came off! Model Master’s Top Coat is incredible!


Picture taken from Danny Choo’s website via Sotsu-Sunrise. The HCM Pro Jegan.

     Initially I had no intention of buying the HCM Pro Jegan(because of the color), but after seeing picture after picture of it I went ahead and ordered it. This will probably be the last Gundam I take up with me to the mountain ranges, after the Strike Enforcer & Strike Destroyer, since I recently got a job offer farther north, but with no mountains!

     The new job’s got more responsibility and work(!) so I don’t know how often I’ll be updating the site when I move next month. Hopefully after I move in I’ll have time and find a new interesting location to shoot Gundams.


14 thoughts on “Nanatsuiro Drops & Gundam Project Status

  1. i like nanatsuiro, at first it was kind of generic, but the newer episodes are better.

    sumomo is so cute! i need to start getting megami for those pencilboards.

  2. Not a big fan of Nanatsuiro Drops because Sumomo cries too much in the series! I like Ito’s designs though, you’ve got to get some of his books, he’s one of the best. Getting the Jegan too eh?

  3. The PS2 game looks pretty good from the screenshots I’ve seen, I’ll probably get it.

    I haven’t seen the series yet, busy at work, but it looks like a good anime.

  4. Man, I feel your pain. I got promoted (no raise) here recently and I now have no time to do anything, except work… orz. Anyway, the MG is looking nice. Can’t wait to see the finished product.

  5. I’ve been waiting for the RGH Jegan to come out for HCM. It’s my favorite GM design. Your modded Freedom looks pretty cool, I need to start modding Gundams I just have to pick which one to do.

  6. Ah, the RGM-89 Jegan, proud child and successor of the GM family. You gotta honor the guts and bravery of nameless pilots who fought on these. If only the Jegan has horns and is brightly colored, it would’ve survived longer on the battlefield.

  7. Ah I guess real life is catching up. Good luck with your new jobs. And if you don’t find any hot spots, you can still do indoor shoots^^

    Enforcer looks really good. I’m eagerly awaiting the photos.

  8. @Jana=I’ve seen the first 3 episodes and I think they’re of the same quality. Megami’s nice but expensive.

    @Lanie-emon=Thanks, almost done posting it. Nona fan too huh?

    @Toji=I saw one of the books at Otakon, I knew I should’ve got it.

    @Hype-nosis=Make me wish I could read Japanese. There’s so many games I want to play.

    @Allison=I’m not sure if one exists. I’ll ask.

    @Rsnumber2=I’m actually pretty excited about this new job, but my Otaku time is going to dwindle a lot. If it hasn’t already.

    @Super Striker=I would suggest the MG Strike Freedom or the Hi-V, from my experience anyways.

    @Hangmen=I used to dislike GM’s until I bought the GFF GM Sniper, looking forward to getting the Jegan.

    @Phamolous=Thanks. I’m getting there with the indoor shots, but I’m so used to shooting outside. I need to take a look at your tutorial again.

  9. You say;
    “Noizi Ito is fast becoming one of my favorite artists, from Haruhi to Shana, his designs are well done and recognizable.”

    That should be HER designs, though. Noizi Ito is a woman.

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