Seto no Hanayome & Moetan


San the mermaid from Seto No Hanayome. Awesome Poster from Comp H’s magazine. Deciding where I should hang this thing.

     Seto no Hanayome is one of the funniest series of the season. It has among many, many other things, one of the most crazed characters of the season. It’s not the gorgeous girl above but her deranged and mafia father Gozaburo Seto. I also take a look at a series about a little girl who stumbles on some magic and is guided by a talking duck…a perverted duck.



L to R: Nagasumi, Ren Seto, San Seto, and Gozaburo Seto who isn’t too thrilled about Nagasumi taking San’s hand in marriage.

    The show starts with Nagasumi and his parents going down the shore for a vacation. Nagasumi takes a swim and is nearly drowned until a mermaid, San, rescues him. But that’s only the beginning for Nagasumi, since he and San must either die since he saw San in mermaid form or Nagasumi marries San who’s father is in the mafia. Of course everyone in the situation is for the latter….except for Gozaburo, who wants Nagasumi dead. Nagasumi finds that this one meeting with San turns his and his parent’s life upside down.


How would you like this guy for your father in law?

asetonagsumisparents2b.jpg asetosanpicep3c.jpg

      Terrified Nagasumi and his parents.                              Cute San.


Cool Seto no Hanayome poster from Megami magazine. Might put this up in my room.

     Seto no Hanayome is a really laugh out loud anime series. I don’t remember the last time I laughed so much since Hare & Guu. The series reminds me of another anime I saw a few years back called Urusei Yatsura. There’s a lot of similarities with a boy meeting a girl from another world and all the problems he comes across whether it’s a rival from San’s underwater world or her psycho father.

     One of my favorite episodes(Ep.2) is where San and Nagasumi go to a carnival that’s run by Gozubaro’s Yakuza. Nagasumi finally get’s what’s going on when he finds a loaded gun in his chocolate dog.


Gozubaro stumbling in on San and Nagasumi. This leads to a priceless and hillarious moment in episode 2.  You can tell what’s going to happen,  just look at his face!

asetosharkassassin.jpg asetoguninchocolateb.jpg

              One of Gozubaro’s assasins.                 Nagasumi about to bite the dust.


San and Nagasumi at the festival


A couple of the friendly staff at the festival.


A father just can’t let go sometimes.

MOETAN #1 & Coverage


Some Moetan coverage in Megami.

 Moetan stars Ink Nijihara, a high school student who looks anything but, who has a crush on her next door neighbor the oblivious and lazy Nao-kun. Meanwhile in a another world, a magician named Arks Elbyas is being accused of some major crimes that he claims are false and escapes.

aaamoetaninkscope2b.jpg   aaamoetaninktransformedfully.jpg

            Ink scoping out Nao’s House.                         Ink transformed.

     Ink has a hard time making any type of progress with her crush Nao kun and fantasizes about successfully telling Nao-kun how she feels, unfortunately for Ink she’s only successful in her dreams. Things take a turn for the worse when Nao-kun decides he can’t go to college and will probablly work instead, crushing Ink’s dream of going to college with him.


Moetan poster from Megami magazine.

     Afer hearing the news she prays at a temple for nao-kun to go to college, that’s where she meets Ark-kun who falls from the sky in duck form. During this time Ark-kun notices some of Ink’s assets, Ink acts accordingly below:



   After talking to Ark-kun a bit, Ink is decreed to be a magical girl to help people in need. Ink thinks it’s a great way to help Nao-kun in his studies and transforms into Magical Teacher Pastel Ink and whisks off to Nao-kun’s house.


Ink transformed into Magical Teacher Pastel Ink…she’s not exactly too thrilled about the costume…

aaamoetanfirstepiinkandark.jpg  aaamoetanflighlaugh2b.jpg 

           ….but guess who is.             Ark Kun laughing his butt off as Ink flies with hers.

     When she arrives Nao-kun isn’t too impressed by her flying or the talking duck and literally throws them out of his house. Eventually he lets the Ink in and Ink begins to teach English to Nao-kun. But everything is spoiled after Ink plays with a figure which happens to be a cast-off figure.

    Nao-kun embarassed and a little angry once again throws both Ink and Ark from his two story home.  But after being thrown out she’s more determined than ever to help Nao-kun with his studies so they can go to college together.


Ark-kun finds and gives Ink an Ero magazine found in Nao’s room.

     If this was a straight up serious magical girl series I probably wouldn’t give it the time, but Moetan doesn’t take itself seriously and knows what crowd it’s playing to. It’s got a lot of funny moments with Ark-kun being the stand out character for the series.  I’d recommend watching Moetan just for Ark-kun….he’s going to hell.


11 thoughts on “Seto no Hanayome & Moetan

  1. i’ve seen a few episodes of setono hanayome and it’s really funny! my favorite episode is where san’s rival appears and turn the school into a warzone.

  2. Seto no Hanayome looks pretty funny and those posters are pretty nice! I love all the things that come with Japanese magazines. I got a few from some recent anime conventions that I hung up on my wall.

  3. @Lanie-emon=I think the top poster is the best one of the bunch.

    @Yasseranas=Gozaburo is awesome, one of my favorites of the season.

    @Jana=Those episodes are pretty funny, it’s almost something out of the Akira manga.j

    @Toji=Ark’s halfway there! The new Comp H should be out soon.

    @Kit Kate=That’s the one thing I never bought at Otakon and Mid-Atlantic J-mags w/posters…there was a lot of them though.

    @John USC=Urusei Yatsura is a classic! Moetan is fanservice city! lol

    @Sakura-chan=San’s pretty cute she shares a nice moment w/Nagasumi at the end of the recent episode.

  4. When I heard Moetan was going to be made into an anime series I harbored few hopes that it would be anything good, based on the original Moetan book. The laughing-stock of the Japanese publishing world, Moetan (the original phrasebook) is a transparent attempt to capitalize on pedophile otaku with aspirations of learning English: this ‘phrase book’ purporting to teach ‘obsessed fans’ ‘common English phrases’ in fact mainly covers moe porn, giant robot shows, and magical girls, all in some of the most broken and laughable Engrish you’ll ever have the misfortune to read. When I worked on a different phrase book a few years back, the publisher sent us a copy of Moetan with the specific instruction to “avoid this at all costs.” It doesn’t sound like the anime is any different… pity.

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