Lucky Star Bonanza 001 & Hayate no Gotoku Extra 001


Konata & company as the S.O.S Brigade in Newtype Japan.

     After doing some clean up work on my website I realized that I never reviewed any anime series beyond the 1st episode or the “one” episode I reviewed, so in addition to posting some Lucky Star and Hayate no Gotoku merchandise and posters I went back to the two shows to take a look at how they’re doing now . 

     First up is Lucky Star. I picked up a few magazine’s, Comp’s H, Megami, and Newtype Japan and they had a pretty good bit of Lucky Star coverage as well as some Konata and Akira goodies.

Lucky Star Bonanza 001


This is a Lucky Star mask that came with Comp H’s. I may take a pic of me with this mask on next time I go hiking.

     Lucky Star stars the otaku queen Konata(hail her otaku-ness), the strict tsundere Kagami, and the ditsy but cute Tsukasa. I did a review of one of their episodes where they have an athletic festival at their school, one of the more “action” inspired episodes. I’ve included some posters and goodies that I got this month from j-mags.


Konata, Kagami, Miyuki, and Tsukasa from Comp H’s magazine.

     Some of the episodes have these long intervals between 5 to 7 minutes of the characters just talking and it can get a bit boring at times. But on the other hand when it’s good, it’s Great!! Take for example their recent trip to Comiket.


Konata brings along some help to Comiket. Kagami’s unfortunately been here before, and poor Tsukasa first time here and is scared out of her mind.

a2luckykagamin.jpg     a2luckyvendor.jpg

         Kagami takes a peek at a Yaoi FMP.  Customer misses out on PG Strike sale.

     Overall the series has picked up after those first few episodes where it was literally just talking for the majority of the episode, there’s still that aspect of it but it’s more balanced now with more things going on and more characters appearing in the series, my favorite being that crazed store owner at Gamers.  My favorites so far are the Comiket episode, 12, and the episode where the gang finally goes to see Konata working at a cosplay cafe, 16. 


A Lucky Star fan that came with Newtype Japan. You can see the other side of the fan here.

a3konatapencilboarda1.jpg a3konatapencilboardb2.jpg

      Comp H’s Lucky Star Pencil Board.         Side 2 of the board, I like this side better.


An Akira trinket that came with Comp H’s. I think it’s a cellphone charm.


Really gigantic poster that came with Megami magazine.

a3luckystarkagaminmystified2a.jpg     aluckystarharuhi.jpg

Kagami meets Konata Suzumiya at Cafe Cosplay.     Konata & SOS Brigade.


Aya Hirano pic from Comp H’s. The voice actress for both Konata and Haruhi Suzumiya. She’s got a book coming out and they had some excerpts in Comp. Wish I could’ve gone to Anime Expo to see her perform.


And finally some Lucky Star bookmarks from Newtype Japan. I’ll probably use one of these, after all I’m still reading the mammoth collection of Gunsmith Cats….this thing is huge!


Hayate no Gotoku Coverage 001


Newtype Japan had some features on the new Evangelion movie coming out so they decided to do some illustrations using the characters of Hayate no Gotoku.  From Left to Right: Maria(Maid), Hayate(Combat Butler), and Nagi(Otaku Hikkomori).

     Hayate no Gotoku continues Hayate’s adventures as Nagi’s combat butler (You can find my review of the 1st episode here). Hayate has since started attending Nagi’s school, Hakuo Academy, and met a lot of Nagi’s friends “interesting” friends.

     The show is still a funny series from side stories about Nagi dressing Hayate up as a cat-girl and Klaus hillariously trying to get “with Hayate” to some student council members trying to take on a demon who’s stuck in a video game. It’s a reallly silly all-over-the-place show that has some really funny moments, and fortunately has a pretty long run for the future.


From episode 18, Schmidt and his powerful mechas, although they don’t actually attack with beam sabers…


Poster of Hinagiku from Megami. Hinagiku’s the student body president at Hakuo Academy.

     One of my favorite recent episodes involves the gang going to a private island for a beach class on creating summer memories. Unfortunately the class is headed up by Schmidt hen Bach who employs among other things, mechas like the the SSMM (Synchronized Swimming Manipulation Machine) to help create memorable summer memories….


Hayate, Nagi, & friends ready to leave the island that “creates good memories”

Schmidt hen Bach’s Mecha Rundown:

                         MECHA                                            SPECIAL ATTACK

a4hayatessmm.jpg          a4hayatemanipulation.jpg

Synchronized Swimming Manipulation Machine    Makes targets dance in unison.

a4hayaterobo2.jpg         a4hayateswimsuitrobo.jpg

    Unidentified Schimdt Mecha 02 with Rifle.          Chooses swimsuits for targets.


Schmidt attempts to stop the group from leaving the resort with some help including a red Scope-Dog and a Custom Gundam Horned Optimus Prime.

     The episode also interjects some brief shots of various characters from time to time in their swimsuits. At one point Nagi tells the narrartor of the show to knock it off. A couple shots are below.




10 thoughts on “Lucky Star Bonanza 001 & Hayate no Gotoku Extra 001

  1. Those Lucky Star bookmarks are so cool! I need all of them, one for my Lucky * manga, another for my Harry Potter book, etc. ^_^

  2. Ahh, no one can beat Konata, the queen of otaku. For me, the newer episodes are getting a little boring for my tastes, but I like Hayate!

  3. Aya Hirano is so pretty!! I want to get her new book. I missed seeing her at Anime Expo, but my friends got an autograph from her.

    I like the Konata Fan and the Konata Mask!

  4. @Jana=I would have to say Konata. The fan comes in handy, especially for today.

    @Lanie-emon=That was one of my favorite parts of the episode. I’m surprised she picked it up.

    @Rsnumber2=lol that’s not the first time they’ve done something like this. Look below for Gendo and a human EVA unit 1 in Hayate

    @Allison=I want to get some more Lucky Star manga, I can’t read it but I really like the art in it…I need to learn Japanese.

    @Toji=It’s a hit and miss for me, sometimes it’s funny sometimes it’s not, but it’s been better since those first few horrible episodes.

    @Cali-san=I might get the book depending on if I see it for a good price. I might put the Konata mask on…might.

  5. Ooo, nice fan and I want one lol. Cool, we got the same Megami magazine ^^. I know what you mean about not reviewing more than the first episode which is what I do unless something really interesting comes up.

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