Claymore & “The Witch’s Maw” pt.3


Priscilla, Clare, and Teresa from Claymore. Photoshop CS3 test.

     Berserk and Record of Lodoss War, at least the 1st series, are two of my favorite fantasy anime series.  Before watching those two I was skeptical of seeing fantasy stories depicted in animated form with a strong story. Fortunately both had them, but it was difficult to find something similar along those lines. Luckily for me people told me about Claymore.


Clare doing short work of an Awakened Being.

raki2b.jpg     teresa.jpg

   Raki, a young boy who’s saved by Clare.             Teresa of The Faint Smile.

     Claymore is about a young woman named Clare who is a Claymore. Claymores are half-Yoma who have extraordinary powers and are sent by an organization to take out the Yoma. Through Clare we learn of the world that is inhabited by humans who sometimes find themselves in conflict with the demons known as the Yoma. The Claymore’s themselves must be cautious with their powers when fighting, if not they too become Yoma.

     The series starts out with Clare befriending a young boy named Raki and going from town to town dispatching the Yoma and slowly begins to unravel the background world as well as reveal a bit of Clare’s background which is possibly the strongest story arc in the series which features the Claymore known as Teresa.

     The latest episode, 17, finds Clare separated from Raki and looking for information that will lead her to revenge. As with the episodes before them, it’s extremely violent, contains a few surprises, and really entertaining.

Claymore 17 – “The Witch’s Maw” pt.3


Clare strategizing how to take out a Dweller of the Deep.

     Claymore 17 starts out with Clare looking for another Claymore to help her and the newly arrived Claymore, Galatea, defeat Duff an awakened being with his tremendoulsy powerful girlfriend Riful at his side. Riful is a young looking girl who offers information to Clare’s quest for revenge if she is able to strike her once. As Galatea tries to buy time until they arrive, Clare finally finds the other Claymore, Jeane, who is fully physically transformed into an Awakened Being, an advanced form of a Yoma.


Galatea barely holding it together against Duff and Riful.

     With the transformed Claymore Jeane begging Clare to kill her, Clare unexpectedly holds on to hope even though Jeane is visibly changed completely. At this point in the series when someone has been changed so completely in their physical change, it’s a given that they will become an Awakened One, but in this case Clare does the impossible.

     Clare uses her power to help pull Jean from becoming an Awakened Being and rushes along with Clare to Galatea’s side against the two Awakened Beings. What follows is a battle that tests the limits of each Claymore and shows off their distinct abilities. Jeane’s being the most powerful, which involves twisting her arm and quickly unravelling it.


Jean obliterating Duff’s hand.

     Although they are not able to vanquish Riful and Duff, Clare is able to strike Riful once and receives the information all of which sets up the next story arc, The North War.

thethreeclaymores.jpg     riful.jpg

               Galatea, Clare, & Jeane.                       A Dweller of the Deep, Riful

jeanetoolate.jpg    claymoretheattack.jpg

                Jeane in Awakened Form.          The Claymore’s offensive against Duff.


Claymores Victorious?…not quite.

     I really like the way that Clare’s abilities are increasing and this episode shows that she’s continuing to grow not only with the techniques and powers that were taught by her but through her own will, i.e. her ability to return Jeane to normal. I find it continually hard week after week not to pick up the manga and see where this goes, it’s that good. I’m looking forward to the next story arc which looks even better than this week’s.


9 thoughts on “Claymore & “The Witch’s Maw” pt.3

  1. my friend got me watching this toward the middle of the series and i like it so far. i like the story that they did when clare was a young girl, very touching

  2. after every episodes, i always feel wanting to see next episode to come out. Its like watching Berserk, but a female twist. ^_^

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