HG Prototype Gouf [Mobility Demonstrator Blue Color Ver.] from P-Bandai fully armed with machine gun, axe and shield.

The HG Prototype Gouf -Mobility Demonstrator Blue Color Version- is a limited kit made by P-Bandai based on the regular release of the HG Prototype Gouf Tactical Demonstrator. Both of the kits are produced under the Gundam: The Origin series, but have not appeared thus far in the anime series and doubt they will since they are regarded as Mobile Suit Discovery kits which are experimental variations.

The main difference between the kits is that the regular regular release has the interchangeable arms and hands which include the beam whip, machine gun hand, and regular hand.

P-Bandai’s kit has regular arms and hands (2 fists, 1 open left hand, 1 trigger right hand), and includes a machine gun, a shield and two beam axes (a deactivated axe and an activated one). The design of the kit also has some notable difference in the inclusion of white parts in the arms and legs, as well as some nice white decals that line various areas of the body. Among the other stickers included is those denoting the number two which are displayed on the feet, lower chest and shield.


HG Prototype Gouf [Mobility Demonstrator Blue Color Ver.] from P-Bandai with beam axe.


HG Prototype Gouf [Mobility Demonstrator Blue Color Ver.] from P-Bandai.


HG Prototype Gouf [Mobility Demonstrator Blue Color Ver.] from P-Bandai.

This is my first Gouf kit and I was overall pleased with the design of the kit especially the big bulky shoulder armor and the head. The big cables throughout the body give the mobile suit a bulkier aesthetic, although the cable in the torso does limit significantly the movement of the area; the kit can slightly turn right and left.

Other than that issue, I found the poseablity to be pretty standard for a High Grade kit. There weren’t any real problems that I encountered. Even the shoulder armor has a mechanism that allows you to move it to allow greater movement of the arms. The head can be turned but not quite all the way around due to the large nose and cables.

Speaking about the head, one thing that I found a bit frustrating was there was no outline on the kit itself to place the eye decal. I think it would have been nice to include on not just the eye but for the outlying stickers found on the bottom and sides of the feet, at the base of the horns and around the skirt armor. The eye decal wasn’t much of a problem once I got it centered, but the outlying stickers proved to be a problem. I’m clearly biased since I recently purchased the HG Zaku I Thunderbolt kit which does include outlines on the kit for a good portion of the stickers including the eye.

However, once you get all the stickers on the kit it adds more depth and a better contrast to the regular release which I’m still planning to purchase in the future.


HG Prototype Gouf [Mobility Demonstrator Blue Color Ver.] from P-Bandai armed with beam axe.

Overall I really like the design of the this kit and has me itching to purchase more variations of the Gouf.

If you’ve been a fan all along of the Gouf, I would probably recommend getting the regular Origin HG release due to it having a bit more interesting and varied accessories, this kit’s accessories were adequate and a given (the axes).

The kit itself though has a fantastic design and has made me a fan of the Gouf.


+ Interesting and varied design of the Gouf

+ A nice contrast compared to the regular release with stickers and some color variations helping to note difference

– Adequate accessories, but feels less interesting compared to regular release

– Cables significantly limit torso from moving side to side.

– No sticker outlines for eye and line decals


HG Prototype Gouf [Mobility Demonstrator Blue Color Ver.] from P-Bandai


HG Prototype Gouf [Mobility Demonstrator Blue Color Ver.] from P-Bandai with bazooka from System Weapon 006 from Bandai.


HG Prototype Gouf [Mobility Demonstrator Blue Color Ver.] from P-Bandai




Picture of the High Grade MS-05 ZAKU I [GUNDAM THUNDERBOLT Ver.].

As I’m waiting for the my camera lens to come in to do a proper review of the PROTOTYPE GOUF [MOBILITY DEMONSTRATOR BLUE COLOR Ver.] I got around to putting together the High Grade MS-05 Zaku I from Gundam Thunderbolt after seeing some reviews on the kit which came out in 2014.

I didn’t plan to do a full review of this kit and was just going to throw up some pics, but this kit really rocks. As with the Gouf, the Zeon mobile suits are slowly growing on me since I got Char’s HG Custom Zaku from Gundam: The Origin. And this version of the Zaku I is just incredible, it’s not perfect by any means, but it’s pretty close.

I plan to do a full on review on the kit after the HG Prototype Gouf, but some quick impressions include: fantastic design and color choice, stickers (with application guides on the kit itself!), accessories galore, some limitations in movement due to the design of the armor, unusual backpack,  and fun to put together.

Full review coming soon.


Picture of the High Grade MS-05 ZAKU I [GUNDAM THUNDERBOLT Ver.].



The Prototype Gouf [Mobility Demonstrator Blue Color Version). All constructed and decaled.

Here is the Prototyp Gouf YMS-07A-0 all put together and decaled. It took me about three hours to put together and put the decals on.

There’s still some clean up work to be done and of course panel lining.

I’ve got to say the armor in the picture came out pretty nice and shiny due to a number of factors. The biggest of course is the lighting of the picture where the lights are coming from behind, and the combination of Tamiya spray paints I used.

Usually I use the grey or white base Primer from Tamiya. This time around I used pure white Tamiya for a primer which gave the parts some gloss and really lightened up my Tamiya French Blue color.

The top coat I used was clear spray paint, again from Tamiya, and the first time I’ve used it.

Got to say it came out pretty well!

Some quick thoughts: love the design of this Gouf (my first Gouf and what a kit!), very articulate with the exception of the torso due to the cables, the stickers just adds so much to the kit.

Full review soon.



For my kits I usually do more than one coat of primer, with the first a very thin and rough coat.

You could see the original colors of the Prototype Gouf in some of the parts and some excess paint in others which I usually clear up during or before the second coat of primer.

One thing that I really like about High Grades is the very little painting and time it takes to clean the parts up and get straight to painting.

Don’t get me wrong, the Master Grades kits are wonderful and are worth it when the end product turns out to be spectacular, but it just takes so much time and money to do.

I think from here on out, I will be concentrating on High Grades especially since the most recent ones, specifically The Origin kits, are a bit of a step up compared to previous High Grades. The advancements in the articulation, and the inclusion of some really nice stickers has me hooked.

Ever since I started building the kits, I’ve started to watch the original Mobile Suit Gundam series. I first attempted a while ago to watch it, but the animation was just a distraction. It’s very old and rough but what do you expect for a series that debuted in the late 1970s. Watching Gundam: The Origin before I delved in the original series (Not recommended) had me curious as to who these characters were. I also watched the movie versions of the original series which helped tremendously get me into the series as well as form my interest into the Zeon mobile suits like the Zaku and Gouf.

This prototype Gouf kit is my first Gouf and won’t be my last.


Prototype Gouf’s included machine gun. You could see the small bit of putty around the connection areas for the hand and the secondary handle. I’ve learned the hard way NOT to paint these. I have had some moving parts that just stick forever or won’t move since they’re painted.


The base part of the Prototype Gouf’s shield. First coat of primer with some cleanup work left to do.



Continuing my absolute love of the Gundam: The Origin model kits, I’m taking on the YMS-07A-0 Prototype Gouf [Mobility Demonstrator Blue Color Ver.] as my next project.

This is an alternate version of the YMS-07B Prototype Gouf that was widely released. The version I’m working on is a limited version made available through P-Bandai. The main differences being the hands and wrists are the more traditional ones found in the Zaku kits, rather than the interchangeable ones found in the regular release.

Other differences include a pretty nifty machine gun and some stickers, notably those  showing the number “2” and other outline decals to make the kit stand apart from the original release.

But it’s not a substantial difference, case in point the kit comes with the original manual for the YMS-07B, but there is secondary manual which details the different construction of the arms and hands, and the machine gun.

The manual also details the varied sticker applications to the kit.

I like the differences in this model and I’m still  excited to work on this kit.