High Grade Char Aznable’s Custom Zaku II from Gundam: The Origin.  The kit’s armed with the Zaku Bazooka and a Heat Hawk.

It’s been a very long time and it took me something grand to come back to this blog site and Gundam models.

Although I’m pretty late on the series, I got hooked on the Gundam: The Origin anime series which I think is pretty superb with the animation and the story.

Now to be honest, I never really liked Char’s Zaku, perhaps it was the colors that the original series used or the model’s colors, but this HG version from the new series looked superb and it looks even more impressive in Gunpla form.

This High Grade model is not the HG model I’m used to.

It’s very articulate, a bit more detailed,  more opportunities for panel lines,  and there are stickers included!  I love the stickers, although some are very tiny and hard to put on.

The accessories which are plentiful include a mammoth sized anti-ship rifle, Zaku bazooka, and two heat hawks.

The HG Char Aznable’s Custom Zaku II is a great addition to my collection, and I will be getting more models from The Origin, specifically Zeon!