HGUC Messala Part 4: Construction

HGUC Messala complete. Pic taken using iPhone.

HGUC Messala complete. Pic taken using iPhone.

Construction on the HGUC Messala is complete after taking about 3 hours to put together after painting and top coating the kit.

Some initial impressions, it’s huge backpack thrusters make it nearly impossible for it to stand by itself. On the plus side, I’m happy to say that the joints are tight and there’s surprisingly a good amount of poseability given how large the kit is.

With my experience with transformable kits, the joints tend to be a little loose to compensate for the transformation gimmick. But it’s not a problem with the Messala. I have yet to transform the Messala since I’m spending a lot of time posing it in its mobile suit form.

The Messala is pretty big for a High Grade and looks pretty menacing. I’m loving this design so much that I’m thinking about not using any decals at all.

Coming soon will be an HGUC Messala full review with proper photos and a video where I want to try experimenting with effects and motion.


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