Gundam Surf Rip Current – MG Unicorn/Sinanju

My Almost Completed MG Unicorn

My Almost Completed MG Unicorn

Well, it’s been a while and it took something huge for me to come back to the blog–The MG Unicorn and Sinanju. Once the Sinanju arrives and I’ve completed it, I’m going to post them together.

This time around I don’t think I’ll be shooting outside on the beach since it’s really,really cold! To compensate I’m going to try my hand at graphic manipulation.

Hurry up and get here already.

Hurry up and get here already.


10 thoughts on “Gundam Surf Rip Current – MG Unicorn/Sinanju

  1. Welcome back!! It take huge effort to starting blogging after a period of time.

    I have not been blogging for quite some time as well. Hope I can starting blogging like you soon.

    My bro also bought the MS Unicorn. To tell the truth from a glance people might think it normal. But wait til you see how it “transform” ^ ^

  2. Hey thanks guys! I may do another post or two after the Sinanju and the Unicorn, but the post with both MG’s alone is going to be really,really,really packed with pics. I may break it up into parts.

    The Sinanju arrived at the post office today so I’ll pick it up Monday and start work on it then. Sunday, I’m going to do some finishing touches on the Unicorn. Figured I would do his gatling gun stickers/paint after the Sinanju is done, just to see what I could work with in terms of painting it and putting stickers on it.

    Not being able to shoot in the mountains is a disadvantage, but I think I could compensate with it using after effects using the GIMP program which I’ve used in the past with the two shots below:

    Like some of my previous posts with Gundams, I’ve created slide show videos and I definitely want to do it again with both of these MG’s.

    I was wondering if anyone knew of a good slide show/video program on the net. I’m not looking to pirate anything, but something that is free to the public and fairly simple to use.

    It’s been a while and I could see by surfing around your sites, I’ve missed quite a lot. Here’s hoping to catch up!

    Some possiblities for future posts include me getting and reviewing the HG Gadessa (That’s is a freakin’ awesome Mobile Suit and Cannon to boot! the poses are incredible for an HG!), DX Chogokin Mikhail’s Custom VF-25G (A fav design of mine from Macross Frontier), and the 1/144 Vardant from Linebarrels of Iron (An incredibly stupid show, so much so that it’s funny! But it’s got some really suped up designed mechas like the Vardant.

  3. Hello Surf, welcome back to Gundam! Your plans sound interesting, can’t wait to see them.

    I agree that Linebarrels is a little stupid in the beginning but it gets better, trust me.

  4. It’s been a year. Welcome back to blogging! Currently, I couldn’t dedicate much time to gunpla, as I’m currently pursuing my studies in a university outside of my homestate (still in the same country though). Really saddens me to see the number of bought gunplas going up yet barely assembled.

  5. @fixt,

    no too sure about the details but I believe you can try & consider flickr. I’m using it currently and it also has a sideshow feature which you’re considering. Just to illustrate & demo to you the point, you can view a sample of my flickr slideshow below:

    I hope this can help you with your consideration.

  6. @Shinjiro
    The show’s getting better, it’s more of a comedy (intentionally or not) for me at this point. Still debating whether I should get the Vardant.

    I’m going the opposite direction. I’ve only bought two, the Sinanju and Unicorn. I’ve ordered the Gadessa, I’m going to do something a little different with that one. I just couldn’t stand to have just one model unfinished, I’ve got to do it asap!

    That’s a pretty nifty program! I was able to find something which incorporates video and audio, however I’ll use that flickr program for the Gadessa.

    UPDATE: I’ve finished 90% of the photography of the Sinanju, now all I have left it is a few pics of the Unicorn, going to use a number of pre-decal pics I took back in 2008, and then the Sinanju and Unicorn together, which is going to be a logistical nightmare to put both into picture. Hopefully I’ll knock both out this Monday and Tuesday and post Tuesday.

    As mentioned I ordered the HG Gadessa, the turn around time for production should be relatively short since it won’t take that much work to paint and put together, however I’m going to do something slightly, slightly different with this one.

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