Welcome and See You Later.


Picture of the MG Strike Freedom over Shenandoah Valley.  Stand digitally removed. 

 Welcome to Otakusurf.com

This blog is about the anime, gunpla, and anime conventions that I came across during the summer of 2007.

Highlights include AMA and Otakon 2007 and my pics of Gundam figures and Model kits in and around the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia.

Originally, I had intended to continue the blog, but as some of my regular visitors may know I work in television and moved in October of 2007 to a great but demanding job outside of Washington D.C. 

This site is inspired by Danny Choo at Dannychoo.com.  For some other super websites on anime and Gundam check out the links on the sidebar under blogroll.

Thanks for stopping by. I hate to see it end, but what a great summer!

Jun. 07 – Sept .07


8 thoughts on “Welcome and See You Later.

  1. Sorry to see you go. You had great pics. Maintaining a blog is demanding and something we must balance with our daily life. Hope you keep blogging one day though.

  2. You’ve done great work with Gundams, from painting to excellent photos. Hopefully sometime during the year or next summer we’ll see you again! Best wishes.

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