A New Season: Hayate no Gotoku 28, Genshiken 2, 5 Points w/Gundam 00, & Future Gundams


Hinagiku Katsura from Hayate no Gotoku. My favorite character of the season…if you haven’t guessed already.

      I’m finally in Maryland, after getting my parents and a bunch of friends from work to help me move my stuff to my top floor apartment, only thing bad about it is no elevators!

     I’m pretty excited about this new apartment and job, it’s a new and exciting time for me and while on the subject of new starts I decided to take a look at some new starts this week with Hayate no Gotoku, Genshiken 2, Gundam 00, and a few Gundam projects in Maryland.

Hayate no Gotoku 27 


Hina and Hayate after being easily defeated earlier on by the school superintendent and her lustful-lackey Shion from Hayate no Gotoku 28.

      With the start of the 2nd half of the season we get a new opening and ending with a few new characters to boot. Among the new characters are the Superintendent of the school who seeks to find a new student “toy” for her amusment by holding a Butler Battle Tournament.

      Hina, as the school class president, seeks to stop the Superintendent’s plan by competing as a temporary butler while Hayate seeks to please Nagi by winning the tournament.

    As with a growing number of people on Hayate no Gotoku forums, I’ve become a Hina fan. She really doesn’t appear that much in the anime series but she steals every scene she’s in, that’s reason enough for me to like the episode. Add to that the new characters introduced, new op & ed,  and Gundam references (Char’s Counterattack) and it’s another great episode of my favorite anime of the year.


One of many of Hina’s attempt to stop the Superintendent from plunging the school (and the Earth) in another one of her schemes to liven up the campus. Char’s SAZABI appears to be a part of the Superintendents pawns.


From Left to Right: Hina, The school superintendent, and Shion in space.


Hayate at the Butler Battle Tournament.


Hina’s introduction at the Butler Battle Tournament.


Nagi is the only character that appears in the new ED, but I really like the song and the animation sequence.


Genshiken Season 2 – Episode 1


From Genshiken Season 2 episode 1, From L to R: Ogiue, Sasahara, & Madarame planning for the Genshiken’s 1st Doujinshi comic at Comi-fes.

     The new season of Genshiken starts with Sasahara receiving a notice that the Genshiken club has been accepted to participate at Comi-fes, a dream that Sasahara’s had since the end of season 1. The episode is basically about the preparations and obstacles Sasahara and the gang run into before they even start work on their comic.

     The animation and the way that the story is done is significantly different than that of the previous season and the OVA that came out a few months ago. It’s more mature. The animation is much smoother and is lighter and the story is more at ease and relies a bit less on the comedic aspect of the previous releases.  The whole episode seems laid back which is a good route and nicely executed way of doing this particular story of the manga.

     Having read most of the Genshiken manga releases I’m very excited to see where they go with the material, they did insert some nice surprises though with some Gundam parodies…always a good thing in my book. 


Ohno-san in the 1st episode of Genshiken 2. The series uses a softer pallete of colors but still with a sharper contrast than before. Ohno looks much better in this series than she’s ever had before.


Sasahara prepares the Genshiken to start work on their Doujinshi.  For me, this is one of the strongest and funniest arcs of the manga, second only to Kasukabe’s acceptance of the Genshiken/Otaku ways.


The Gundam Seed and Code Geass parody poster inside the Manga club. I really like the color’s on that Strike Freedom! I used to like Clamp but with Code Geass I couldn’t watch past the 1st episode.


Success or failure at Comi-fes, it’ll be funny and entertaining to see!


Gundam 00 Episode 1 – 5 points


The Gundam Exia engaging in aerial attacks, from the 1st episode. I love this mecha!

     Gundam 00 is the new incarnation of the Gundam franchise with four pilots piloting different Gundams working for an organization called Celestial Being. Their goal is to eradicate war from Earth completely.

     Initially, I had some reservations about this one after I had seen the early design of the Exia, pictured above, but after watching the first episode I was pretty satisfied with the start of Gundam 00.  Here’s 5 points I like and dislike about the series.

     1. Kick Ass Gundam 00 Opening! Watch the Exia’s Aerial attack.


     The opening song, Daybreak’s Bell by L’arc En Ciel, is a dramatic song that fits quite well with the opening sequence of the show. The drummer kicks butt on this song. I really liked all the short shots of the Gundams in action, especially the Exia’s aerial spin and attack at 1:04.


     2. Deja vu Prologue? Beware possible spoilers.                          


     The prologue of the episode was great with the children in the streets fighting against the Mecha forces and of course the appearance of the unknown Gundam flying down. With it’s wings I was getting this Evangelion vibe from the sequence which isn’t bad at all. (SPOILERS=I wonder if the appearance of the unknown Gundam will play at all with the announcement that the voice actor for Amuro from the 1st Gundam series will also be the narrarator for Gundam 00)


     3.  EXIA! EXIA! EXIA!!!


     I freaking love the look of the Exia, from the design of it to the way it moves.  It’s weapon that’s both a mecha blade and blaster is pretty cool as well. Where’s the MG for this already Bandai?


     4. Interesting character designs. Is that Schmidt from Hayate no Gotoku?!


     One aspect of the series I was worried about was the character designs for the series especially after hearing that some of the designs were being made slightly towards a shojo audience, don’t get me wrong there’s some of that but it’s not like the show is inundated with it.

     The characters that were clearly in that category didn’t really bother me as much, perhaps it’s because I’ve been watching Lovely Complex. Nevertheless instead of the character designs being a distraction it adds to the show.


     5.  What the heck is this?! Gundam 00 Ending….really?


     If I had to pick one bad thing about the show it’s definitely the ending song and sequence. I just can’t get into it. The song is a punk tune but it doesn’t really mix with the stagnant animation sequence. It’s…bad. I guess they spent all that energy for that great opening that they didn’t really have much to pull together an ending.


     Well, so far so good and I can’t wait to see where the story goes with so many characters already introduced and of course to see more Gundams in action especially the Exia, speaking of which….


Future Gundam Purchases


The HCM pro Exia from Amiami.com

     I went ahead and ordered the HCM Pro Exia last week, hopefully sometime next weekend I’ll be taking pics of it.  If the articulation is anything like the recent HCM Pro’s that’ve come out recently it’ll be another worthwhile purchase and again I just freakin’ like the design of the Exia!    

    I’ll also try to get the MG Destiny Special Edition this month, which I’m a bit worried about since I haven’t seen it for pre-order online yet, and the MG Unicorn.  


The MG Destiny Special Edition pic from Figure.fm

     A lot has been said about the effects for the special edition MG Destiny, in particular the butterfly like extension wings but I like it. I can’t wait to see what kind of decals it comes with, but it looks great as is.


A nearby Ocean City pic from mdnightlife.com. Ocean City’s less than a half hour away and is my new location for Gundam pics.  I’ve been there a few times already and I’m just waiting for the Gundams to arrive.


The Unicorn Gundam from Dannychoo.com One concern I have is that the some parts may be loose since it’s a transformable Gundam. But then again I would probably leave it in it’s Gundam form.


11 thoughts on “A New Season: Hayate no Gotoku 28, Genshiken 2, 5 Points w/Gundam 00, & Future Gundams

  1. ^^ I must check out Genshiken 2! The animation looks pretty slick. Weird how the color scheme I was working on for my Crossbone Gundam showed up on Genshiken.. I hope that mech shows up more in the series, it looks really cool.

    I’m right there with you on Exia’s design, it looks and moves so well. I’m also planning on ordering some things soon! I was considering the HCM pro but I have no idea of the quality.

    I saw the MG Destiny SE and Unicorn for pre-order up at http://www.imageanime.com but the prices seem a bit steep compared to http://www.toyslogic.com which has sold out of MG destiny SE.

  2. I would suggest the same stores as Kintaro did and I would be willing to bet Hobby Link Japan would also be having it in stock sometime soon possibly this week. I found the starting episode of Gundam double 0 to be quite good although I didn’t find the ending song as horrible as you did.

    I didn’t know that Gundam appears so much in Hayate no Gotoku.

  3. the butler battle tourney was pretty funny! it’s nice to see hina again and really liked the new song at the end with nagi ^_^

  4. The first episode of Gundam 00 was pretty good and a better 1st start than Seed in my opinion. It’s clearly a much slicker production.

    The master grade of RX-0 looks appealing, but I’m going to wait until I hear reviews for it before getting it.

    That back shot of Sazabi doesn’t look too shabby from Hayate.

  5. About Exia’s spin attack in the intro: I’m expecting a lot of fight scenes and choreography after seeing this scene. Episode 1 was ok. This show really does look good.

    About the MG Destiny. Well, HLJ had the pre orders up for a while, but then went on order stop because Bandai didn’t give out an exact release. I guess there are going to be pre orders again. I have already pre ordered one, hopefully the wings won’t turn out too bad qualitywise. I’m actually one who likes the looks of the wings.

    That beach looks gorgeous. I guess we won’t have to miss your outdoor shots after you moved =)

  6. About MG Gundam Unicorn, of course some pieces maybe loose, you said it right, because its transformable but its not as loose as MG Zeta ver 2.0 arms and legs which are very loose and you can only slightly pose him on the launch base.

    I don’t mind if Unicorn has some loose parts, as long it doesn’t affect its stability and posing ability its ok ^^

  7. Genshiken certainly rocks, been a long time fan. I haven’t gotten to check out the new ones yet, but I’m quite excited about the new season. Good to hear that Gundam 00 is promising. I have doubted it’s credibility from early on, but maybe I was being a little harsh. I’m just an unedumacated UC fan, that’s all. I’ll have to give it a go after I finish the Fafner series.

  8. What attracts me the most about Unicorn is the light reddish overline on the model kit that gives the exterior a very nice contrast to the white body.

    The EXIA hcm pro looks appealing, but I’m just too bothered with the size of the figures to get it. Gundam 00 was a nice suprise for me, since I was a bit dissapointed with Seed Destiny.

  9. Oct 21. – UPDATE

    Finally received the HCM Pro Exia yesterday and got around to take some inside test shots before I head out to the beach hopefully next weekend…hopefully ^_^;;;;;;

    Early thoughts: Figure is fantastic, every new HCM I get tends to get more and more poseable than the previous one. Blaster/Sword Weapon is terrific and looks great on Exia.

    Biggest obstacle for me photo wise, again with all my hcm’s, is configuring my Nikon to it’s size, but I’m getting there.

    Here is a test shot configured to size I plan to do on the beach:

    @Kintaro=The mecha did appear again in Genshiken 2’s second episode opening, it looks great! I think it’s called the GUNGAL.

    I’m going to try the stores you recommended to get the Special MG Destiny. I’m so late on this one ^_^;;

    @Prae-torian=I get all my stuff from HLJ.com so I hope you’re right on this one. But it doesn’t look like it’s appearing this week.

    I’m very reluctant to shop elsewhere, but it looks like I will have to.

    @Jana=The 2nd ED is pretty cool, but I would like to see more Hina. Maybe I should spoil myself and just start getting the manga. I’ve been told she has more of a presence in it.

    @The Regault Brothers=I think at this point, I’m going to pre-order the RX-0 as soon as it appears on HLJ.

    I was thinking much along the same as you. Waiting for the review, but even though there may be problems with it, it’s just looks too cool to pass up!

    @Phamalous=I think the wings looks terrific too. What I’m hoping for is some kind of photo effect if I put the sun behind the wings. I did not know that HLJ had it up previously, I guessed I missed it.

    Yeah the beach is fantastic, for my photos I may have to go into the water to get some of the photos I have in mind.

    @Belela-San=I’m just hoping that the parts stay together with the poses I have in mind. This time around I don’t have to worry about something falling from a mountain ledge, but into the atlantic ocean. ^_^;; Surf’s up!

    @Rsnumber2=Genshiken 2 is more “relaxed” and I really like the direction of how they’re going about it. Gundam 00 is pretty good so far and I don’t think you’ll find a problem with it. Those Fafner designs you linked to look interesting. Particluarly the color…hmm.

    @Ken Meiying=I agree with the red contrast on the Unicorn. The first HCM pro I got was the RX 79 G and I was surprised and a little agitated with the size. But after getting a few of them over time I got used to the size. To me Seed Destiny was okay, but it was no Seed.

    @Lanie-emon=That was great! I’ve seen very little of Char’s Counterattack, but when I saw the reference in Hayate I laughed.

  10. Being a UC elitist, it’s expected that I shun away from Gundam animes set in a different universe outside of UC. I dislike the pretty boy character design, but one of the female character (what’s her name? Wang Ryumin something?) really puts the ‘OO’ into (O)(O). I’m gathering images of her as we speak, even though I refuse to watch Gundam OO.

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