Z3 (Zero no Tsukaima, Zeta Gundam, & Zealot MG)


Louise from Zero no Tsukaima. Poster from one of my Megami magazines.

     Louise de la Valliere, the main character from the anime Zero no Tsukaima, reminds a little of Lina Inverse from Slayers. Sure Lina is a little bit more endowed than Louise is, but both have got a fiery spark to them, control great magic (at times), and have a great seiyuu to boot.  In fact Louise’s seiyuu, Rie Kugimiya, is one of my favorite voice actress who also does Nagi from Hayate no Gotoku, my top pic for anime of the season. 

aaaaaaaheadofmk2.jpg     aaaaaaaamgstrikesilhouettepreview.jpg

           Titans MK II from Zeta Gundam.            Leftover pic of the Strike Freedom.

     Aside from taking a look at Zero no Tsukaima, I also get around to seeing the 1st couple episodes of Zeta Gundam and get into some planning for my next Gundam mod the Zealot.

Zero no Tsukaima II Episode 1


Louise the magician and her pet…er..familiar Saito.

     Having not seen the first series didn’t really detract too much from watching the 1st episode of this series since most everything that happened in the first one is briefly explained throughout the episode.

     Zero no Tsukaimia is basically about a young magician, Louise, and Saito, who is taken from our world to be Louise’s familiar and their adventures in a fantasy type world.  On this particular day, Louise seems pretty generous to Saito, who she often beats, by giving him a pair of glasses as a gift. Unfortunately for Saito, they’re magic glasses which light up when Saito lusts after another girl who is not Louise.


Louise pretty happy with her plan to make Saito more obedient to her, while Saito stares oblivious to the glasses true nature.


With so many girls in this series who are well endowed and then some, Saito can’t help but look which infuriates Louise to no end thanks to the new glasses warning system.


A J-mag scan from Animepaper.net, Queen Toristein and Louise.

     I love Rie Kugimiya as Nagi in Hayate no Gotoku and she does another wonderful job with Louise. In fact both are essentially the same with Louise and Nagi as masters and Saito and Hayate as their servants.  However, where Hayate is all comedy, there’s a bit of seriousness here and there with Zero no Tsukaima.

     There’s a plot in the story about a girl not wanting to be queen, Queen Toristein pictured above, and plots to take the country and destroy the queen.  The Queen enlists both Louise and Saito to help her keep her country safe and free.


The Queen asking for Saito’s help. Apparently even now, Saito’s not done doing what landed him in prison in the first place.


Louise has got to give Saito a break, with girls like the one above how can you not help but look!


In the beginning of the episode Saito has a dream that he has returned to Earth and flies in his Zero fighter plane through Akihabara. There’s a poster of the Gundam Strike Bamboo.

     I really enjoyed the 1st episode of the 2nd series and look forward to more. I don’t think I cannot like a series that has Rie Kugimiya as one of the main characters…speaking of which…


Zeta Gundam Episodes 1 & 2


     I really tried to go back to the beginning of where all Gundam started with the original series but I just couldn’t stand the animation. However after watching a recent episode of Hayate no Gotoku and Nagi’s speech of how great Gundam is, I decided to make another go at it and start watching an old Gundam classic Zeta Gundam.

     Zeta Gundam Episode 1 starts off with Quattro/Char (formerly of the defeated Zeon army) investigating a space colony he believes to contain a Titan base. The Titans are the federations new force which are more ruthless and aggresive in their pursuit of victory over the remnants of the federations defeated enemy the Zeon.


The Titans MK II. I really like the dark blue colors on the Gundam.

     Camille is a young boy on the colony who decides to go to the space docks to see one of the heroes of the last war, Captain Bright, but unfortunately his friend blurts out his name in front of some Titans who then begin to make fun of Camille’s name sounding like a girl. Camille strikes back but unfortunately the Titans strike harder. Camille now has an intense hatred for the Titans and when Quattro decides to take one of the MK II’s from the Titans, Camille helps Quattro and gets some payback on the Titans.


Camille getting taken down by Titan officers. I think I would probably be on the Titans side on this one, who names their kid Camille?


Quattro’s investigation of the Colony interrupted by the Gundam Titans Mark II.


MK II, Camille, and Quattro.

     For it’s time, I was surprised that the animation was well done, heck to me it was a lot better than the 1st Gundam series. I really like where the story is going and Char continues to be a bad ass with Camille abandoning the federations side. The animation for the Mechas is fantastic, especially for the Titans MK II editions.


Best part of the series so far, Camille in the MK II taking revenge on a Titans officer.

    If you’re like me and couldn’t stand the animation for the 1st series, I would recommend watching the movie recaps of the 1st series and then watching Zeta, for me it’s worked quite well and I’m glad that I’m getting the opportunity to watch Zeta. Those MK II’s look fantastic, so much so I’ve decided to try modding a Gundam to a few of it’s color patterns.


Zealot (MG Strike Freedom mod preliminary)


A leftover picture of the Strike Enforcer over Shenandoah Valley.

      Originally I had planned on modding another Strike Freedom to create Konata’s Lucky Star Strike, but finding the right design for it proved difficult and I scrapped it and moved on to doing a mod of the MG Sazabi. However after realizing that the colors I picked for it would more or less make it look like the Kampfer, I scrapped that too. lol

     Which leads me to the MG Zealot. The Zealot is going to be an MG Strike Freedom color mod with color influences from the Kampfer and the Titans MG II among other things. However, I’m not expecting to roll it out soon since I start my new job next month, it’s most likely a long term project. The main colors for it will be major dark blue and minor dark orange.  I’m still debating whether to paint the gold to silver or black.

     I just can’t get enough of the Strike.


Picture was used on Figure.fm but I didn’t use it for my blog until now. The Strike Freedom is my favorite Gundam, because of it’s awesome design and there’s just so many possibilities of color modding it. I only regret leaving the mountain ranges where it really shines the most. Hopefully the nearby ocean will be just as good for pics.


5 thoughts on “Z3 (Zero no Tsukaima, Zeta Gundam, & Zealot MG)

  1. Personally, I really didn’t find Mobile Suit Gundam to be that bad. Guess I’m used to the animation, but Zeta is a step up, I’m pretty sure if you liked the first few episodes than it’s only going to get better.

    Your next mod sounds interesting, good luck with it!

  2. that poster of louise is so sweet! i really recommend you watch the first series of zero no tsukaima. the 2nd series is good without it, but better after watching the 1st one.

  3. Zeta Gundam is the best U.C. Gundam series in my opinion. After Zeta it gets kooky with Double Z and the moon people. I should be getting the Perfect Grade MK II sometime soon, if you get the chance scoop this one up!

  4. Nice pics of the Strike! I’ve seen 08th ms team and 0083 stardust but have yet to see zeta. It sounds interesting and I may look into it.

    Zero no Tsukaima was okay but didn’t really hold my attention, although the animation is pretty good.

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