Strawberry Marshmallow 1 & Lucky Star OST


Strawberry Marshmallow: From left to right, Nobue, Mats, Chika, and Miu. 

         I returned home a few days ago after an exhausting trip to D.C.  Before I left I brought along a few items from the 2 or 3 tons of merchandise that I purchased from AMA 7.  One thing that I really wanted to do was bring my newly arrived SCHM RX-78 with me to take pictures at in front of the capitol building, unfortunately it came with a serious defect. Not to worry, Bandai’s been notified and hopefully a resolution isn’t far and I may get another chance at it next week.

        I did however manage to find some time on my trip to go through some of my AMA loot which included a fairly interesting manga about moe girls and an OST that carries a song that I now constantly hear in my head…

Strawberry Marshmallow #1


                        Best friends: Miu and Chika

Bead art by Cornelia Savory

     Strawberry Marshmallow is about 3 young girls; Chika-the most level-headed one, Miu-best friend to Chika and zones out sometimes, Matsuri “Mats”{Pictured on the left} who has the worst luck, and Chika’s older sister Nobue who is basically the protagonist whom all three girls get involved with in some way for better or worse.  From the girls trying to win a bet to see if Nobue can quit smoking, to Nobue teaching the girls her unique way of playing different sports(Kendo with a soccer ball  anybody?) there’s a lot to like and laugh about.

       My favorite chapter has to be the aforementioned bet to see if Nobue, who’s got a cigarette in her mouth half the time, can stop smoking.  I used to date a girl who had the same problem as Nobue…it’s too much work to quit so why even bother…but maybe for Nobue she’s got a chance?



The star, the coolest one, and everyone’s problem, Nobue.   

        Marshmallow was not something I was preparing to pick up at AMA, but I got carried away as usual and bought up all the manga I could get my hands on based on what everybody was talking about at the time.  The girls are moe! But the star of the show as far as I’m concerned is Nobue. I’m glad I picked it up and I’m interested in seeing the anime version of it. 

marshmallow-4a.jpg          marshmallow-6.jpg          marshmallow5.jpg            That’s what friends are for!    Smoking on the mind…at the toilet….and in class


Etiquette Enforcement by Miu Matsuoka

Lucky Star OST 1


     Usually when I watch anime I’ll not pay attention to/skip through/fast forward through the opening of the anime show if I’ve been watching it for some time.  But like a lot of people I’m really attached to the Lucky Star show because of it’s great opening animation and music. So when I saw this OST for the show I immediately grabbed it up.  


Yeah…they know what time it is!

     Motteke Sailor Fuku, the single on the track and opening of the anime,  is a great song to listen to even without that fantastic dance number by the girls. The other track Kaeshite Knee Socks is just as good filled with about the same amount of energy as Motteke.

Low Tide: There’s only two real songs on the OST. I know it’s a single OST, but they could’ve left off the Karaoke versions of the two songs for at least one other song.

High Tide: Kick butt themes with Motteke Sailor Fuku and Kaeshite Knee Socks.  I’ve heard Motteke since the anime came out and listened to it almost every day and have not  gotten tired of it.


One thought on “Strawberry Marshmallow 1 & Lucky Star OST

  1. Cool We Both Like The Same Anime I Love Lucky Star Konata Is My Fave, And I Also Adore Strawberry Marshmallow, I Like Mats!

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