Anime: Lovely Complex 1


The lovely and tall Risa Koizumi from Lovely Complex episode 1.

     Throughout my days in high school I always found that the tallest girls to be the most popular.  Whether they were tall and preppy or tall and athletic, they always seem to be the most sociable and well-liked, at least in my school.

      But then I guess there are some cases where height can be a nuisance rather than an asset…take for instance Risa Koizumi.

Lovely Complex Episode 1


Risa smitten with the new boy in class, while Otani sees an opportunity.

     “Being tall has absolutely no advantages,” says Risa Koizumi after being given detention for snoring through a graduation ceremony.  But Risa sees summer detention  as an opportunity to meet someone special.  She meets two boys. One she falls head over heels with, Ryoji Suzuki and the other she’s met previously and could care less for, Atushi Otani.   

     So it’s a bit of a surprise when Otani, or the midget as Risa likes to call him, approaches her to talk about something after school.  Otani says that he’s not a bad guy and will help Risa get her together with Suzuki, if Risa helps him get closer to Otani’s friend, Chiharu. So a plan is made to go to the swimming pool but not everything goes according to plan…

plan.jpg        swimming.jpg     together1.jpg    

   The plan coming together      Risa & Suzuki= Awkward      Risa & Otani=Fun       

     It seems that Risa & Otani have more in common than they thought when they run amok through the swimming park. But soon after they realize they’ve lost focus of their targets and get back to buisness! Unfortunately it looks like Suzuki and Chiharu have made a connection. Making Risa nervous that she’s lost Suzuki to Chiharu.

     The next day Risa asks Chiharu what are the chances of Otani becoming Chiharu’s boyfriend. Chiharu says that she doesn’t think of Otani that way, but says Otani is easy to talk to because of his small size… he’s one of the girl’s……

Otani’s chances w/Chiharu now

captain1.jpg     otanisinks.jpg     otani-sunk.jpg

                     3                                        2                                   1

     Hey, but at least Risa’s still got a chance with Suzuki, right? Suzuki says he feels comfortable talking with Risa, because she seems like one of the guys…because of her height…

Risa’s chances with Suzuki now

captain1.jpg     risa-sinks.jpg     risa-sunk.jpg

     Because of their height, Risa and Otani get sunk in the end.  But both are determined to get their target. They both finally give up though at a festival when they see both Chiharu and Suzuki clearly meant for each other.  Risa and Otani don’t waste the festival and have some fun of their own. 

     But at the end of the episode they’re not really an item, they’re more like good buddies who are trying to outshine the other, as evident in the end when they make a bet who can get a girlfriend or boyfriend first.


Risa and Otani. Giraffe and Midget.

     I really liked Lovely Complex and went in thinking I wasn’t going to like it because of it being Shojo. Lovely Complex isn’t too sappy or overly sweet. It’s good hillarious fun with a bit of drama here and there. It’s evident by watching the first episode, heck the opening animation even, to see where this is going. But I think it’ll be interesting and really funny to see how they get there.


12 thoughts on “Anime: Lovely Complex 1

  1. I’ve seen the first few episodes and I like it so far. I like the sequence you put up of them getting blown apart.

  2. THE BEST shojo i’ve seen lately… i saw it complete…and is the most wonderfull love story XD im still laughting and i saw it twice already XD
    i love this kind of anime ❤

  3. Konnichiwaaaa guys !!
    actually, this anime is sooooo fantastic !!
    I love it .. I love it sooo much ..
    and Risa is the Best ^_^
    I hate Otaniiiii >_<

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