Anime Mid-Atlantic 7: Short Bits and Pieces


     Since last year I’ve used my debit and credit cards and rarely use cash in my every day life. In fact I don’t remember the last time I had cash in my wallet. I left the 7th annual Mid-Atlantic Anime Convention on Saturday even though there was another day left only because I had used all my cash that I had withdrawn the morning before and the atm machines at the convention center were completely tapped out.

     I probably would still be there at this time if I still had cash!…but maybe that’s a good thing! I still need to eat right? I had a great time at the convention nevertheless! Read on for more pics and some short highlights of Friday and Saturday.



Aside from having an enormous wing-span, this guy made a contraption where you can lower and raise the wings

       A lot of the costumes that I saw were mostly Naruto or Final Fantasy since they’re both popular. And most were well done. But there were some people I didn’t recognize. A few I asked said it was characters that they themselves had created. Like The Internet. Yes. The Internet.

     Below a few costumes you may recognize and a couple of originals.

amacos2.jpg     amaevil.jpg     amainternetman.jpg    amageneral.jpg

amawingspandown.jpg  amacactus.jpg  amaasuka.jpg        




     There was a good amount of artwork displayed at the artist section (Artist Alley preps) that I wanted to buy. What I usually like to do, since I had to keep a budget with my art cash, is walk around and make a mental note of what I priortize to buy and then come back to the tables with my list. 

     When I spotted the picture above, by Chris Dame of Photography and Art, I ditched the mental notes and just bought it.  It reminds me a whole lot of Major Kusanagi and I love the dark color scheme and sci fi theme to it.  


Ken Marcus of Xynphix does an animesque profile.

   There was a wide range of professional and amateur artists that I met who were pretty nice that had some spectacular art to show and sell. If I didn’t leave Artist Alley when I did, I don’t think I would have had any money left over for anything else.


A fantasy piece by Chris Dame.


Liquid Mark finishing up a commission.


An original by Robert Dejesus of Studio Capsule and one of many awesome pieces that I wanted to get but forgot about.




              One of many walls of figures found in the vendors room

     My main intention of going to the vendors room was for some cheap manga and dvd’s.  What I didn’t expect to find was the massive amount of decent priced figures. Seeing as how I recently spent days building my new Gundam I took it easy on mecha’s and concentrated on manga and figures. I spent the better portion of Friday right here.

amagundamgalore1.jpg        amamangagalore1.jpg          amafigures.jpg

         Gundam Galore!          Manga Galore!       Trading Figures Ga…you get the idea

     Remember my process of purchasing in the art section? Yeah? It went out the window here too. I’ve included some pics of 2 of many figures I picked up at the con. The first is a Haruhi Suzumiya Figure and the other is a cool trading tech figure from the Range Murata Solid Collection, easily my favorite find at the con.

amaharuhi.jpg     amamurata.jpg     amamurata2.jpg




The girls at Otaku USA’s vendor table

    I went to a few panels but one really caught my attention. Patrick Macias from Tokyo Eye is running a new magazine called Otaku USA. Described as a magazine by Otakus for Otakus, the magazine came out earlier this month. Jeff Kight of Otaku USA and Japanese cosplayer Yunmao Ayakawa, who writes for the magazine, were on hand to answer questions on Saturday.


Otaku USA’s panel featuring Yunmao Ayakawa and Jeff Kight (2nd from right).

    Just before the panel started I met Jeff Kight and he was nice enough to give me a free copy of Otaku USA and talk to me about the magazine. The panel itself covered a lot of issues including: how much positive reaction they’ve received(tremendous amount on the web), what people liked about the magazine(across the board coverage, unbiased, and blunt), and how Yunmao’s articles include everything about otaku like cosplaying and Akihabara. Jeff did mention some possible plans for the future which all sounded pretty exciting, but still in the early stages and I don’t want to give it away. I’ll just let Jeff and the people at O-USA do that.

     I did manage to read through Otaku USA and I was pretty impressed with the amount of varied coverage contained. From new anime series coming to the U.S. to a tour of the Gundam Factory in Shizuoka. There was a lot to like and take in. The only thing that didn’t really interest me was the live action, monster-Godzilla sections. Never really liked that genre, but that’s a personal preference. Other than that it was a great 1st issue that I’ll continue to check out.

amayunmaomag3.jpg amayunmao2b.jpg

          Yunmao Ayakawa                            Yunmao and Jeff Kight




The new wave of 21st century guitarists is here. I wasn’t really interested in the gaming section at the con but judging by this guy’s playing technique, this game looked real fun!!  

amaeyes.jpg   amaeyes3.jpg

              Vendors selling cool eyes…I mean cool contacts.    Looking out of this world.

amavd.jpg    amavddoll2b.jpg

Selling Voo Doo Baby’s….They’ve been out for a while but it’s the first I’ve seen them. I spoke to the guy that makes these and he only uses a single string to make one.


AMA7=Fun? Yes. Coming back next year? Yes. With more money? Yes

     For my first Anime Mid-Atlantic Convention it was pretty fun and exciting. I met a lot of great people from otaku, artists, musicians, to industry peeps. I’ll try to come back next year for all the fun again and hope everyone is there!


23 thoughts on “Anime Mid-Atlantic 7: Short Bits and Pieces

  1. Hello Otaku Surf! Nice pictures of the event, I missed a few of the artists you mention in the post but I found some great finds on my own.

    We left around Sunday afternoon and there was still a lot of people there. Nice to have met you!

  2. The Cactuar and Grievous were some of my favorite costumes. I got the Otaku u.s.a. magazine, and I don’t know. It’s like newtype, which isn’t a bad thing. I didn’t know they had a panel, i would’ve went. Coming back next year, huh? I’ll do the same and like you with more money!

  3. i spent more money on art than anything else. though i did get a neat looking chobits bag. that tech figure girl you got looks really nice and i was looking for that haruhi figure too!
    kara and i saw the piano squall concert on saturday. he was really amazing! yunmao looks so cute as asuka! i wish i had seen her while we were there for a pic

  4. Hello there! Glad you liked the convention, this is my third one at AMA and it keeps getting better.

    I bought a few models from that gundam rack you posted up there. An MG Kampfer and an EZ 8.

    Art wise, I’m stilll going through it all! I did stop by Studio Capsule and bought a small but detailed print.

  5. Otaku Surf, I enjoyed talking to you before the panel.

    You got some wonderful shots of the con. Very nice photog.

    Let us know how we can continue to make Otaku USA a better mag.

  6. Wow, some reallyl nice photos there! And i know exactly how you feel when it comes to money, i ran out of money when i went to the London MCM Expo, admittedly i had rather alot less, but its still the same thing when you run out and realise there is soemthing you really want yet you can’t afford it xD

  7. @Greg H.= Hey Greg, it was nice to have met you. There were a lot of great artists there and so little time to meet them.
    @lanie-emon=It’s a great figure & glad I found one! The guy originally had three but after Friday they were all gone.
    @Paul=I need to start saving for next year…now!
    @Jana=I actually got to meet Piano Squall, he was a pretty cool guy. He had a small panel sometime before the concert on the 2nd floor. But I missed the concert!
    @Super Striker=I saw the MG Kampfer, but I had just built the Perfect Grade Strike and needed a rest! But good buy on both.
    @Jeff=Thanks for talking to me about the mag. Really interesting things going on. You and Yunmao were great! I’ll definitely keep up with it.
    @Arekusu=I honestly didn’t think I was going to spend so much money. I was thinking: okay I’m only going to spend money on the 1st day. Then I saw the artist gallery, the vendors area, etc., etc.

  8. Lucky that your place holds anime convention at least once a year. While in the city here in Philippines where I live doesn’t hold conventions, shows or related of it but in our capital(Manila), they hold conventions especially toys/hobby or anime but that city is too far from where I live, so no conventions/shows to attend…
    BTW, I’m reading Genshiken manga too…

  9. Great pictures for a great event! I think there was as many bleach characters as naruto and ff. Unfortunately my cardcaptor costume got crunched to death in the car trunk of my friends car 😦 It’s our fault since there were 4 of us in a very tiny car. But I was able to wear some neko ears instead!

    I like the picture of the girl with the yellow eyes! spooky! I didn’t get the eyes but I got a voo doo ninja baby for my brother and some tsubasa trading cards.

  10. Surf’s up! I wish I could’ve went it looks like so much fun. The first art pic does kind of look like Kusanagi…I’ll probably watch the new ghost movie.

  11. @samejima=Yeah I guess we are lucky in the sense that anime conventions happen a lot more here than other places. But I do have to drive quite a distance sometimes to get there. For Mid atlantic it was about a 2 hour drive.

    Genshiken is a pretty good manga! I’m on the 3rd volume now and enjoying every bit of it. Got 2 & 3 at AMA.

    @Kit Kate=Sorry to hear about Sakura, but glad you got some neko ears to dress up. I really like the voo doo baby that I got. I can’t believe it’s made out of a single string.

    @Toji=It was really fun. I should’ve bought a larger print of the art piece, it’s amazing. I want to see that new Ghost in the shell movie too, looks interesting.

  12. You mean you didn’t start @ vol1?!
    it would be pointless if not read from the beginning chapter. Done reading the three volumes and gotta order the other volumes next week.

    And that vol.3 chapter 17 where Kanji bought his own PC didn’t appear on Genshiken anime season 1… Sucha waste…was funny in the manga though…

  13. @samejima=I meant I got vol.2 and 3 at AMA, I’ve had 1 for sometime now. I like the beginning of chp. 17 where he’s at Kousaka’s playing the game…and Saki is standing there.

  14. 🐱 I was there AMA2007! 😀 My favorite cosplayer was Gir ^-^ the kid with the box on his head SO CUTE AND ORIGINAL!!! X_X I spent 100 bucks at least, most of it on manga lol 🐱 I’m actually not an anime fan, I went for the manga and the sites. When Piano Squall took off his jacket and ppl gasped, I was like *_* HE’S GONNA STRIP? OH GOODIE! 😀 And when he took off his necklace, I made this really loud embarrassing gasp XD I’m sure the whole audience heard it *blush* ^^ he was so cute! I didn’t cosplay, but I told my friends I was ‘cosplasian’ or, cosplaying as an asian lol. ^^ I kept having to stop for my friends who were cosplaying so ppl could take photos -_-; if you noticed one of them, it would be my friend cosplaying as some girl from naruto (not a fan so, idk the name) she had a giant fan with her, probably the size of her XD idk if you saw that…and another was a guy friend of mine, the spitting image of his character, also from naruto and I wish I remembered the name, but he had that grey hoodie on which the neck part went up over most of his face and he wore round circular sunglasses…X_X yeah, I suck at describing XD Anyways, just thought I’d leave a note, it was my 1st Animecon too 🐱 I came like 4 hours early XD because I took a ride up there with a friend’s mom who went to work in Richmond X_X My feet hurt before it even started lol. 🐱 bye! hope you get to enjoy more! I’m hoping to go to that one in DC later this summer and the one in Maryland YAY! –Sirius

  15. Hi Otaku Surf

    We represent Yunmao in the US. Thank you for your coverage of the Otaku USA panel and the great pictures. I was only able to stay on panel for half of it but while I was there it seems things were good and final responses seem very positive.
    Thank you to everyone who attended. This is a project we really believe in.

  16. I saw Yunmao at the vendors area at the convetion, she looked really cool! Hi Yunmao! 🙂 Otaku Surf are you going to the anime usa convention later this year?

  17. Hey guys, sorry for the lack of updates, was on a business trip at D.C. But will get try to get back up to par.

    @Samejima=I’m looking forward to the 2nd season of the series when it comes out, do you know when?

    @Sirius=Looks like you had a complete blast at AMA! I caught a tiny bit of Piano Squall’s concert but I couldn’t stay longer, wish I had. He was great!

    @Asu=Please give my regards to Yunmao. She was nice enough to sign my magazine and answer a few of my questions! Thanks again.

    @Kit Kate=I’m thinking about going. I spoke to the guy that was at AMA(sorry forgot his name), and he sounds pretty thrilled with it, so we’ll see.

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  19. i went 2 this one w/ hiromi-san. it was alot of fun!^^ we cosplayed and Chii & Freya. good times, good times. i have sum pix of us & others on my myspace

    check it out & e-mail me any other photos u have of Anime Mid-Atlantic

  20. Pingback: Otakon 2007: Sidetracked | Otaku Surf

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