Gundam: Perfect Grade Strike & Slide Show


My Strike Complete…Finally!!

     I’ve never built any kind of model before and decided to take the plunge with the Perfect Grade Strike Gundam. Maybe I should have taken something a lot simpler with my first model kit. But after surfing the net and seeing the PG Strike all over the place, like here and here, I couldn’t stop myself from having to get it…of course I would have to build it first…

     And after two nerve-wracking days of putting together over 500 parts and wishing to god that I could read Japanese instructions…I finally did it. Good news is I’ll be buying more Gundam models, bad news is I’ll be building more Gundam models.


Strike kickin’ butt.

         newgundamraw3.jpg     pgstrikesword1.jpg       newgundamraw2.jpg

 Wait..not so fast.      Someone’s not coming back.      Blades of Steel.

     Putting together the Strike was no easy task, in fact I researched modelers online to see any recommendations and tools that I need in building the kit.  And I’m glad I did, because without all that I read online and bought(Tamiya tools!), I think I would still be working on the legs.

     But after said two days, it was all done and stickered up and well worth the effort in building it. The Gundam Strike is highly flexible and stable. I was pretty impressed with how solid the figure was. Even after i had put it into awkward standing positions and some rough terrain it stood perfectly still.


Strike with The Grand Slam

smallwater.jpg          newgundamraw1.jpg

Strike thinking about taking a dip.     Strike taking somone out.

     The strike is a pretty amazing model, it looks fantastic and is highly articulate. What more can you ask for? It’s weapons are incredible, and the Grand Slam, the large sword, can stand in for a steak knife when needed. It’s gigantic!

     The big thing for me to get over was the time that was needed to put this fantastic model together. I’m so used to getting my Gundam Fix Figuration figures taken out of the box and ready to go, but now I’ve got to have patience in order to get a kick ass Mecha. The trade off though is too high to pass up. And honestly these pictures don’t do justice to how great they really look, it’s 10 times better! Well I may be exaggerating, but it’s not by much!

     I may just swear off Gundam figures all together now and just stick to Models.


GUNDAM PLUS: Short PG Strike Slide Show


17 thoughts on “Gundam: Perfect Grade Strike & Slide Show

  1. Wow that’s pretty impressive. 500 pieces!! I’ve dabbled with some master grades but not perfect ones. You should try em out. But yeah, like Insane says, there’s nothing like it after it gets done.

  2. @Righteously Insane=I almost messed up the legs since I was going so quickly! Just too excited. From that point on, I took it very very slowly.

    @John=I’m thinking about getting the Hi nu Master Grade Gundam. A lot easier to put together for sure, I should have started with that, but I’m just too stubborn.

    @Cryorazor=When I was out hiking and took some pictures of the Strike, I took a break and was playing around with the blade, it’s sharp! It cut through some leaves i found.

  3. hey it’s jana from anime mid-atlantic! have you left already? nice site! on the gundam video, what music is that from?

  4. @Danny=Thanks. That’s my favorite song from the Ghost in the Shell series. Video took a bit to make but worth it.

    @lanie-emon=Thank you very much. It was well worth the effort to make. Of course I wasn’t feeling like that during the making! But the end justifies the means. Now I know.

    @jana=Hey! Did you see piano squall? I left shortly after the panel for otaku usa. That music is from the Ghost in the shell series it’s called “Cyber Bard” and found on the 2nd OST. Great song.

  5. I had cleared away everything from my kitchen table to make sure that wouldn’t happen. Good thing too because I needed every square inch of that table for all those parts.

  6. Dude you’re crazy XD starting off with a PG. Do you plan on getting the Aile Striker as well?

    I hope to get a PG Gunpla in future. The price jump from MG to PG is just too sick o_O

    A great job on the Gundam, congrats =)

  7. Lol. It was my first model and in hindsight I should’ve started out *light*. I’m not too sure if I’ll be gettting the Aile Striker. My next model will be the Hi nu gundam.

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  9. awesome! i just got some gundam models after not building them for a long long time (just went to taiwan/japan).

    curious. which websites/blogs did you read (if you still remember) to find what tools to use, tips, etc, to make the best figure?

    thanks 🙂

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