Anime: Hayate no Gotoku 1


From Hayate no Gotoku, Hayate the savior…I mean butler…..??

     After neglecting the blog for a few days, I’ve spent some time constructing my newly purchased PG Strike Gundam, I decided to pick up the pace and take a look at a show that I’ve been wanting to see for a bit now. Just by looking at the animation and premise it’s not something that I normally would really be interested in, but after surfing the net, there’s been some good reviews so I went ahead and checked it out.

Hayate no Gotoku Episode 1


     Hayate no Gotoku, or Hayate the Combat Butler, is a comedy about young Hayate Ayasaki who works for a delivery company. Apparently he’s the only person in his family since his mother and father are basically bums leeching off Hayate and borrowing loads of money from some unscrupolous characters.  Everything, hillariously,  pretty much goes downhill for Hayate when he loses his job and gets a visit from some people looking to get their money back from Hayate’s parents.


  Hayate’s former boss(Gendo?)   Hayate’s bum parents.       A friendly visit?

     Out of a job, with no money, and people looking for payback all thanks to his parents, Hayate goes for broke and decides that it’s not worth it to work hard and play by the rules, as Santa once told him. So he decides to kidnap a young girl Nagi Sanzenin to ransom her off.  This leads to a very funny exchange between Nagi and Hayate. Nagi thinking that Hayate wants to take her “virginity”, and Hayate completely oblivious to it all. At one point Hayate tells her that he’s going to call her guardian to notify them that she’s been “taken”.


                  Why no presents, Santa?                   Misunderstanding with Nagi.

Hayate in his old job. Now he’s a combat….butler

     Unfortunately while making the call to Nagi’s family, a bunch of guys get the same idea about kidnapping Nagi and take her away. Seeing no Nagi around and his plan for financial security gone, Nagi gives up and lays on the ground. But an act of kindness from Maria, a maid of Nagi’s, changes Hayate’s perspective on life and he valiantly rescues Nagi. In exchange, Nagi offers Hayate a job as her combat butler.

     This was a really amusing episode. There’s really a lot to enjoy here, from the Evangelion nods, the mecha prologue,  to Hayate’s conversation with (Evil?) Santa. The animation is pretty good and it’s a pretty good start, can’t wait to see where this goes.


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