HP Pavillion 9000t


     I’ve been sticking to desktops for sometime, but after moving so much for my job I thought it would be to my benefit by trying to decrease the amount of boxes I pack up . The biggest are for my desktop computer: one huge and long box for the tower and one huge and fat box for my monitor. The only way that I would get a laptop is if it had outstanding capabilities, had a huge screen, and easily portable.

 Enter the HP Pavillion 9000t.


     The HP Pavillion 9000t model, a high end desktop replacement, actually came out last year around this time, but the one I ordered has the new intel 2 core duo processor, a 512 MB NVIDIA GeForce 7600 graphics card, and runs on Windows Vista Ultimate 64 bit.

     On one occasion I was multi-tasking using the internet, word processing, and using Photoshop CS3 and there wasn’t a single break in the action. It ran the most sophisticated software and high end games I could get my hands on with little to no lag! One thing that really stood out was even after multi-tasking and playing games the 9000t gave off little to no heat. Which is a big thing for me since I tend to maximize capabilities of software and games. From my experience that tends to equal a lot of heat, but not this time.

     As mentioned, the laptop has intel’s new processor, dubbed the “Centrino“.  After reading a bit about it on C/NET I could understand why the computer was running as good as it was. Add to that the 9000t has a gigantic 17 inch and “ultra-bright” monitor as you can see below.

hp-pavillion-capabils.jpg hp-pavillion-test-small.jpg hp-pavillion-test-monitor.jpg

     The laptop weights just under 8lbs and for me that’s not very much weight so it’s easy for me to carry around. The outside of the 9000t has a terrific “piano black” finish, the only bad thing about that is that it’s easy to see fingerprints all over the finish. Another thing is that the battery doesn’t last too long given the amount of power it takes to run this monster. I did a quick test the other day and it lasted about an hour and a half. For me that isn’t a big drawback since most of the time I won’t be too far from an outlet when I use it.


     The Pavillion 9000t met all my expectations and then some. I can’t really get over the monitor, because it’s a lot better than the monitor that I use to watch television with. I was a little apprehensive about getting it because of all the things I’ve heard about Windows Vista not able to handle certain types of software or games, but I haven’t run into any problems yet. The 9000t is worth every penny(over two thousand USD,) and I’m just glad to be rid of my gigantic desktop system(and boxes!!) that I used to lug around.

And here’s something extra I threw along to check out the slide show features…nothing too special.


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