Lucky Star 8 and Newtype Coverage


      Lucky Star 8 finds the girls in an athletic festival at their school. A few things that stood out on this episode were Konata-chan’s dad in action, a little insight into why Yui joined up with Saitama P.D., Kagami trying in vain to teach Tsukasa how to play a recorder, and of course the hillarious athletic festival.

     I really liked this episode, in fact it’s probably the funniest out of all the ones I’ve seen, but that’s not saying much as how horrible the first episode was. But from episode 4 on up this has been a terrrific series and Konata-chan’s insights keep on getting funnier. The funniest moment to me has to be how Konata imagined in her head how she was going to win the race.

            lucky-star-8a2.png lucky-star-8a3.png

                    lucky-star-8a4.png                    Kagami doing her best in the bread eating competition.

    lucky-star-8c.png    Konata’s Dad only spends money on the best equipment to get some fantastic pics…of other girls.

                                                                                                                        lucky-star-8d.png      Konata finally gets some recognition. A postcard of hers makes it into Newtype.

     Coincidentally Newtype USA’s got some coverage of the show. The article has some descriptions of the three main girls of the series.  I like the pic too, shows exactly what kind of characters they are.



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