GP03S Stamen

       Released less than a month ago, the Gundam Fix Figuration “RX-78 GP03S Stamen and Weapon system” is a simplifed version of the Dendrobium seen in the Gundam 0083 anime series.  I paid about $80.00 USD, had it backordered,  and had a hard time finding space in my room to put it in, but is it worth it….hell yes.


      The first thing I noticed was the size of the box. It’s considerably thicker than the regular Gundam Fix Figuration Figures.  It took me less than 20 minutes to put the Weapon System together just by looking at the pictures of the japanese manual. It’s not too difficult to put together, and it’s a pretty sturdy piece at that. With it’s Mega Beam Cannon it’s a pretty long system as well (so much in fact I had a hard time scaling the photo down where it could actually fit the blog space below!).


     The Mega Cannon is not the only weapon this guy’s got, as if he needed anymore with that thing! As customary with all Gundam’s he’s got the usual arsenal of the two beam saber and rifle, a long range beam rifle(!), 2 folding bazookas and shield. They’re all on the Weapon System where the Gundam can easily access them through long ports stored in his forearm, as seen below. In addition two of the four container pods open up to reveal an arsenal of micro missles. The amount of detail on the weapon system and the weapons themselves are just great.

                          example-a.jpg      example-b.jpg


                                          Click Pics to Mecha Size                                                


     What about the Stamen Gundam you say? I love it. It’s easily poseable, and unlike other GFF Figures parts don’t fall off. That’s a plus and a negative for this figure. It’s a plus since there are no interchangeable parts to switch around to create another Gundam giving the figure stable body parts, and negative of course since you can’t turn it into another Gundam. I think that’s one of the main attractions for me is to “fix” the figure into another mecha, but I think in this case it’s understandable since it comes with the massive Weapon System. Plus the Stamen is a kick ass mecha.

                         a-small-stamen.jpg test-type.jpg


                                          Click Pics To Mecha Size

     For the most part I’m pretty satisfied with the release. A great looking figure with an awesome(and gigantic!) weapon system. Here’s hoping they keep the sturdy construction on the Gundam figure as tight in future releases.    



7 thoughts on “GP03S Stamen

  1. nice gundam! i’ve seen 0083 before and it’s an okay show, unfortunately i saw it with english dubs and couldn’t stand it. but the design of the gundams are what kept me going. do you have the deep striker as well?

    if so which one’s longer that or the weapons system?

  2. Hey John. I don’t have the Deep Striker yet. But I’ve seen a review on the web that compares the two and I know that the weapon system is longer.
    As for 0083, it’s not that bad. Maybe you should try the subbed version.

    Hi Danny. It’s pretty articluate and it’s a pretty solid figure. I hope they keep making them like this! It doesn’t fall over if it’s in a complex position…unlike the GM Sniper, which I’ll review soon.

  3. Hey alafista. Yeah it’s huge! Luckily, I had recently moved to a new apartment and gotten rid of some junk along the way.

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